Company : Investment & Precision Casting Limited

Category : Continuous Casting

Key Products : Machined Investment Castings, Impellers and Diffusers, Ferrous Investment Casting

IPCL, an ISO Certified company is a pioneer in the Investment Casting business in India, set up in 1975 under technical collaboration with Arwood International, USA. With the knowledge and experience gained through the above collaborations and further refined by in- house Research & Development, IPCL is today the technology leader in the industry in India, producing very complex investment castings in a wide range of material specifications and piece weight up to 150 Kgs. They offer a wide range of Machined Investment Castings, Impellers and Diffusers, Ferrous Investment Casting, Aluminium Castings, Machined Investment Castings for General Engineering to its clients. With its fully equipped, in-house CNC machine shop and dedicated machining vendors, the company is capable of supplying large volume, fully machined, ready-to-use components to customers, especially in the automotive industry.


IPCL is equipped with Robotic Shelling System in their Shelling Section. Melting Section is also equipped with Manipulator for easy handling of molten metal.



They also have an Effluent Treatment Plant to treat effluent water, as per Pollution Control Norms.



IPCL is going to install Vacuum Melting Furnace in July 2010. This will also help to cater to the requirement of aerospace industries.


Castings for Automotive

IPCL supplies a wide range of fully machined investment cast transmission parts to automotive companies like Maruti Suzuki, Suzuki Power train India Ltd, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, Ashok Leyland, and John Deeree Tractor etc. We also supply fully machined components for EGR Coolers and fully machined Pre-combustion Chambers for automotive diesel engines. They can customize these machined investment castings as per the specifications of the clients.

Impellers & Diffusers

The Impellers and Diffusers supplied by IPCL are of international quality standards. The impellers and diffusers are available in Martenstic and austenitic Stainless Steel. The weight range of these impellers and diffusers are 5 Kg to 150 Kgs. The clientele for these impellers and diffusers includes BHEL, Hyderabad, and KSB Pumps etc. They can customise these impellers and diffusers as per the specifications of the clients.

Turbocharger Castings

We supply fully machined Nozzle Rings, Aluminium Inducers etc. to ABB and DLW, Varanasi. We are also in the process of developing Vacuum Cast Blades for Turbine Wheels of Turbochargers. They can customize these machined investment castings as per the specifications of the clients.

Aluminium Castings

We supply un-machined Aluminium Castings for use in the Radar for Aerospace application. These castings are being fitted on the Indigenous LCA “TEJAS”, on its Radar Unit. These castings were earlier importing. These castings are already fitted and successful trial has been conducted.

Castings for General Engineering

IPCL supplies fully machined investment castings for general engineering applications such as Blades for Steam Turbines, components for flow measurements etc.

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