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Axioms Thermo Furnaces Private Limited (ATF) is a leading manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces, driers and ovens in India. It has presence in domestic and international markets and expertise in manufacturing customised heat treatment furnaces, driers and ovens.


ATF, an ISO 9001:2000 organization, aims to become a global supplier through innovation and quality. In addition to heat treatment furnaces, driers and ovens, ATF also produces forging furnaces and non-ferrous melting furnaces, sealed quench furnaces, continuous conveyor furnaces and forging furnaces.


Heat Treatment Furnace

Heat treatment furnaces are used in carburising, nitriding, hardening, case hardening, annealing, malleabalising, etc. Sealed quench furnaces, continuous conveyor furnaces and pit-type furnaces, are some popular heat treatment furnaces.
Heat treatment furnaces provide strength to products through heat processing. ATF's heat treatment furnaces are available in resistance heated and gas/oil fired versions.

Sealed Quench Furnaces

The sealed quench furnaces are a type of heat treatment furnace. ATF's sealed quench furnaces are of 'straight through' type with integral oil and gas quenching features. Suitable for carburising and carbo-nitriding under protective atmospheres, sealed quench furnaces are fully automatic and PLC controlled.

Conveyor Furnaces

Like sealed quench furnaces, continuous conveyor furnaces are another type of heat treatment furnace, used in annealing and stress relieving of tubes, bars, and sheets. ATF's continuous conveyor furnaces are guaranteed with quick and uniform heating from end to end.
Each roller in a continuous conveyor furnace can be custom designed as per customer requirements. Continuous conveyor furnaces can process a wide variety of tube specifications, with diameters up to 10in and lengths up to 100ft.
ATF offers PC/PLC integrated control systems, where heating and cooling chambers are provided separate control zones to enable precise temperature control. ATF's continuous conveyor furnaces are designed for optimal energy efficiency and minimal downtime.

Driers & Ovens

ATF manufactures different types of driers and ovens, such as chamber, vacuum, hot-air generator, bogie hearth and ageing ovens. Driers and ovens from ATF are used in industrial and laboratory applications and come with front, back, or top loading features.
Temperature in the ATF driers and ovens range from 50°C to 600°C. Deviations in temperature uniformity are less than 3°C. ATF also builds multi-chamber driers and ovens where individual chamber operations are provided as per customer specifications.

Non-Ferrous Melting Furnaces

Non-Ferrous Melting Furnaces

The Al-melt, Al-hold and Al Melt and Hold series of non-ferrous melting furnaces have the technology to meet the challenges of production with less cost and less down time. Special features include automatic temperature control system, original heating elements, uniform heating around the crucible, swing cover to avoid heat loss and a fully integrated self-contained combustion system.

Forging Furnaces

Unlike sealed quench furnaces and continuous conveyor furnaces, forging furnaces find use in applications such as general forge work, tool dressing, hot bending, etc. The walls and hearth of the forging furnace is designed to provide abrasion and shock resistance. Their unique design has made ATF's forging furnaces find place in reputed forge shops across Inida.

Forging Furnaces assure uniform temperatures with deviations less than 5°C. They have high thermal efficiency and low maintenance costs, leading to superior performance. The long life provided by the refractory lining makes the forging furnaces cost-effective. These advantages coupled with affordable prices make set these forging furnaces apart.

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