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Since its establishment in 1946 RAEDER-VOGEL® has been producing wheels and castors. The products designed as special products to solve customer specific problems are proved to be of superior quality in industrial applications.

RAEDER-VOGEL® is one of the leading manufacturers of Vulkollan wheels and castors in the world with sales and trade partners in more than 50 countries.

Intensive product testing under arduous conditions and strict checks in all stages of production by RAEDER-VOGEL® guarantees the high quality of products now and in future.

RAEDER-VOGEL® has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2009.

All wheels have one thing in common: they are round. However, each area of application has specific requirements in terms of size, materials and load capacity. Since 1946, we have been developing wheels and castors which meet the ever-increasing demands oft he market – from individual customer-specific items to standardised large batches, and for use in industrial trucks, extraction technology, storage technology or in industry, retail and handcraft.

Our high demands, our quality and our capacity for innovation have made us one oft he leading manufacturers of wheels, pallet castors, press-on tyres as well as swivel and fixed castors in the world. We produce almost all of our more than 30,000 different items in Germany. And with more than 10,000 customers, we call every part oft he world home.

VULKOLLAN®/Polyurethane Production

VULKOLLAN®/polyurethane Production in Plant 2 offers the highest performance and also good chemical resistance to mineral oils and greases as well as various solvents. 

Excellent characteristics of VULKOLLAN®/polyurethane Production in Plant 2 includes:

  • High dynamic load capacity
  • Low compression set
  • Excellent mechanical wear resistance
  • High impact resilience
  • High abrasion and modules of elasticity

VULKOLLAN®/polyurethane Production in Plant 2 is recommended for all applications with high demands regarding load capacity, speed, durability and resilience. Our product is known for long operating life and saving properties.

VULKOLLAN Quartz Wheels

VULKOLLAN® quartz wheels are manufactured using a special method. In addition, silica sand has been used to manufacture them. 

Properties of VULKOLLAN® quartz wheels include:

  • High dynamic load capacity
  • Good impact resilience
  • Low compression set 
  • High mechanical wear resistance

VULKOLLAN® quartz wheels deliver an optimal performance in the most rigorous applications in the fish and meat industry and dairies also. 


TRACTOTHAN® features the outstanding properties of VULKOLLAN® and it offers better traction with identical abrasion resistance. Our TRACTOTHAN® wheels contain shore hardness 93 degree and 95 degree Shore A.

TRACTOTHAN® enhances the starting properties, reduces slip, and increases the braking effect. 
They can be used:

  • On coated, slippery floors
  • In wet atmospheres
  • On dry as well as on wet and dirty floors

Electrically Conductive VULKOLLAN® Wheels

Electrically Conductive VULKOLLAN®-Wheels are the best choice for forklift trucks and other machinery in gas-rich environments. They offer unequal electrical shocks due to static and have been qualified in accordance with the standards. 

The Vulkollan® tires are of a 95 ° Shore A level hardness and offer the following benefits:

  • Great protection to puncturing
  • Exceptional high resistance 
  • High load capacity
  • Superior volume resistance

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