Company : Indiana Machine Tools

Category : Materials Handling

Key Products : Wire Rope Hoist, Steel Rolling Mill Plant, Induction Furnace

Indiana Machine Tools (IMT) manufactures E.O.T cranes, wire rope hoists, equipments connected with steel rolling mill plants, automation systems in rolling mills and induction furnaces. The company is ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 18001(OSHAS) certified, and is in the process of obtaining ISO 14001(Environment).

Double Girder E.O.T Crane

IMT specializes in manufacturing material handling equipments, mainly E.O.T cranes and electric hoists. E.O.T cranes are manufactured for steel plants/rolling mills/workshop/cement plants/pipe plants and many other industries. The E.O.T cranes are available in single girder/double girder and gantry cranes and confirm to various Indian as well as International standards. The E.O.T cranes manufactured at IMT have a number of satisfied customers internationally. IMT has partnered with DEMAG for manufacturing EOT cranes/structures for them as OEM. IMT can design and manufacture light or heavy E.O.T cranes with diverse range of grabs. E.O.T cranes from IMT have electro hydraulic thyristor type self adjusting brake. E.O.T cranes also have master controller type electrical circuit designed with requisite safety features and inter locks. L type wheel assemblies and double spherical roller bearings are also provided in E.O.T cranes.

Wire Rope Hoists

IMT has 21000 sq. ft of covered area equipped with latest technology to manufacture wire rope hoists and other material handling equipments. The company also has 3000 sqft of open space with modern shed to enable the manufacturing of wire rope hoists. The company manufactures wire rope hoists for hassle free service. IMT has collaborated with DEMAG of Germany to manufacture cranes and components including wire rope hoist for the company. All the beams and components for wire rope hoist are manufactured by IMT strictly as per drawing. The machines used to manufacture wire rope hoists are most accurate. IMT has latest automatic welding machines from Japan and all the welding joints of wire rope hoist are radiographed for any flaws, and x-ray films provided with cranes for verification, if required. All the welders are duly experienced and qualified and certified from llyods for the smooth and flawless welding and best quality mig welding wire is used for wire rope hoist. The crane in wire rope hoist is duly shot blasted before painting and two coates of epoxy based primers and paints are applied for long lasting surfaces and corrosion free performances.

Steel Rolling Mill

The company manufactures various equipments connected with steel rolling mill plants. Latest tools are used to manufacture finest steel rolling mill plants. IMT aims to provide quality steel rolling mill plant equipments. Steel rolling mill plant equipments are designed to be trouble free. IMT provides complete integrated steel rolling mill plants under one roof. Steel rolling mill plants are durable and provide prolonged service. Utmost care is taken while manufacturing steel rolling mill plant products. The quality of materials, testing, machining, fabrication and assembly of steel rolling mill plant equipments are managed and supervised to perfection.

Automation System in Rolling Mills

IMT is equipped with latest automation system in rolling mills. Imported as well as indigenous machines carry out automation system in rolling mills. Automation system in rolling mills provides accuracy to intermediate and finished products. The company has computerized design department to design automation system in rolling mill. Client’s needs are incorporated in designing automation system in rolling mill.  Automation system in rolling mill is integrated to be hassle free. Automation system in rolling mill has also earned IMT with international reputation. A modern shed and well maintained working area enables automation system in rolling mills. Utmost care is taken while manufacturing automation system in rolling mills.


Induction Furnace



Induction furnace from IMT provides sustainable solutions. The company uses premium quality spare parts to manufacture induction furnace. The company has impressive growth chart for induction furnace. IMT is also increasing the production capacity for induction furnace. Induction furnace can be customised to client’s requirement. Induction furnace from IMT provides error free service. The company provides timely delivery of induction furnace.   Induction furnaces from IMT are supplied throughout the world.


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