Company : Pragya Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Category : Materials Handling

Key Products : Drop weight Tear Testing Machine, Pipe Plant equipment, CR mill equipment

Pragya equipment Private Limited design and fabricate a wide range of hydraulic  and hydraulic testing machines for pipe plant, CR mill, Coil Handling. Pragya also design Drop weight tear testing machine and tube fining machine. The products successfully fulfill the needs of clients. The company also executes turn key projects. The services involve installation of the machines at clients unit.


The company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified firm and has been appreciated for quality products, conforming to international standards. The products vary in terms of clients specifications. The company offers at competitive prices with cost effective techniques.


DWTT Machine

E Pragya offers wide range of Drop weight Tear Testing Machine. Drop weight Tear Testing Machine has longer operational life. Drop weight tear testing machine offers a specimen breaking of M.S plate as per API & ASTME. Drop weight Tear Testing Machines are known as saw pipe plant equipment. The energy of Drop weight Tear Testing Machine varies from 1500J to 30000J. The drop mass of Drop weight Tear Testing Machine is 1000kg. The height of Drop weight Tear Testing Machine is 1000mm to 3100mm. Drop weight tear testing machines are well-tested and certified material.

Pipe Plant Equipment

Pragya also manufactures saw pipe plant equipment and spiral pipe plant. These saw pipe plant equipment and spiral pipe plant equipment are available in different diameters and designs to suit the requirements of industrial clients. Ultra sonic test trolley is provided for saw pipe plant equipment. Twin column vertical welding boom is also available with saw pipe plant. Pipe rotator unit is provided with spiral pipe plant equipment. Diabolic roll conveyors for pipe transfers are available for spiral pipe plant.

CR Mill Equipment

Pragya offers terminal equipment for CR mill equipment. CR mill equipment provides wide range of superior quality and durable finished leveler machines. CR mill equipment has a robust design that is rationalized with hydraulic systems. CR mill equipment is available in different capacities, widths and thickness as per the application areas. CR mill equipment is made of steel, seamless pipe.  CR mill equipment has gripping and expand collapse by single hydraulic cylinder. Pragya also provides a hydraulic shears, which are suitable for CR mill equipment.

Coil Handling Equipment

Pragya offers a coil handling equipment that is heavy duty. Coil handling equipment are dependable pieces of processing to meet the demands of processing industries. Pragya’s Coil handling equipment is designed in different capacities, Coil handling equipment is known for high quality components and precision assembly. Coil handling equipment capacity is 5 MT to 35MT. Coil handling equipment is offered with gear box (electric motor/ hydraulic motor). Coil handling s has linkage mechanism and auto locking facility. Coil handling is suitable for HR /CR coil lifting. Coil handling equipment is used to reduce the cylinder size. Coil handling equipment will reduce the motor HP of power pack.

Tube Finning Machine

Pragya is manufacturing Tube Finning Machine and finned tube radiators. Tube Finning Machine is fabricated for superior quality material. The Tube Finning Machine has wide application area. Tube Finning Machine includes SEP and petrochemical etc. The type of Tube Finning Machine is spirally crimped, tension wound fins on tubes of MS, SS. Tube Finning Machines are used to make cooler. Tube Finning Machine works on Roto advancing mechanism of tube. The purpose of Tube Finning Machine is to increase contact surface area of tube. Size of Tube Finning Machine is 8 mm OD to 100 mm OD, the height of Tube Finning Machine is Fin height 5 mm to 25 mm, Fin pitch 2 FPI to 10 FPI.

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