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Vijay Chill Rolls is dedicated to manufacturing Rolls for grain & cereal milling, flour milling, animal feed mills, oil milling, cracking & flaking, rice flaking, and other various industries since 1970. Vijay Chill Rolls also manufactures Work Rolls, Back Up Rolls, Mills Rolls, Sendzimir Mill Rolls, Chill Rolls and Pipe & Tube Mill Rolls.

Work Roll

Vijay Chill Rolls manufactures and supplies a wide range of international quality work rolls. These work rolls are manufactured with high-quality alloyed steels. The size and diameter of these work rolls differ as per the client’s requirement. Few specifications offered by Vijay Chill Rolls in the work rolls range include the plate work rolls, 6 Hi Mill work rolls and 4 Hi Mill work rolls. These work rolls are of prime quality and hence are highly preferable. These work rolls are available at affordable prices.

Back Up Rolls

Vijay Chill Rolls is a specialized manufacturer of back up rolls. They offer a variety of back up rolls. The raw material used in manufacturing these back up rolls ensures its durability and longevity. Superior quality high carbon high chromium steels are used in manufacturing these back up rolls.


These back up rolls are offered in various sizes and diameters as per the clients’ requirements. The clients are facilitated with quick and timely delivery of these back up rolls. Back up rolls are manufactured using advanced technologies. These back up rolls are offered at competitive prices.


Mills Rolls

Vijay Chill Rolls manufacture a wide range of mill rolls. These mill rolls are often incorporated into integrated steelworks. Depending on the temperature of the metal being rolled, mill rolls are typically hot or cold mill rolls. Mill Rolls are premium roll covering products that optimize countless metal sheet processing. Mill Rolls are designed to replace traditional roll coverings, various fabrics, rubber and urethane.


Mill Rolls are an exceptional roll covering alternative because of the total value they supply. These Mill rolls are available at affordable prices.


Sendzimir Mill Rolls

Vijay Chill Rolls have a wide range of Sendzimir mill rolls. Sendzimir mill rolls are generally used for rolling of stainless steel and non-ferrous grades worldwide. Sendzimir mill rolls operate at a speed ranging from 500 MPM to 1000MPM. At such high speed, it is very necessary that the material of Sendzimir mill rolls is clean and free from inclusions and defects. Vijay chill rolls supplies Sendzimir mill rolls at affordable prices.

Pipe & Tube Mill Rolls

Vijay Chill Rolls produces a wide range of rolls and machines for several industries. Pipe & tube mill rolls are part of their products. Steel re-rolling and pipe & tube mill rolls are used for steel re-rolling, pipe & tube mills, copper & wire rod rolling  and metal forming industries. These pipe & tube mill rolls can be customized as per the client’s requirements.


These pipe & tube mills rolls are manufactured by centrifugal spin casting process. The pipe & tube mill rolls supplied by Vijay Chill Rolls are offered at affordable prices.


Chill Rolls

Vijay Chill Rolls produce Chill Roll by centrifugal casting. This is an innovative method of casting Chill Rolls. The surface of these chill rolls gives uniform and deep hardness. This is a significant characteristic of chill rolls.


Vijay Chill Rolls also produce Solid Chill Rolls (DPIC) by sand casting technology. The hardness of these chill Rolls varies from 55-80-shore hardness. At every stage of manufacturing their technical staff endeavors their best to maintain quality for these chill rolls.


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