Company : Advance Hydrau-tech Pvt Ltd

Category : Waste Disposal and Recycling

Key Products : Scrap Baling Press, Shearing Machine, Briquette Machine

Advance Hydrau-tech Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Scrap Processing Machines since its establishment in 1981 at New Delhi, India. Advance Hydrau-tech from India has exploited the concept of ‘turning waste into resource…Worldwide’


The company is a conception of two visionaries, Mr. Sudhir Gupta and Mr. Bharat Sharma and engineers waste management solutions for past 30 years in India and away. Advance Hydrau and the team behind have immense pleasure in converting experience into client requirement. Advance Hydrau offers a wide range of solutions that readily match requirements at several applications in the industry. Some of these products include ferrous metal scrap machines, paper waste recycling machines, agro waste recycling machines, double compression enabled balers and scrap balers, plastic waste recycling machines, and other waste recycling machines. All of this machinery individually passes through quality tests which ensure perfection before being delivered.


Scrap Baling Press

Advance Hydrau’s scrap baling press comes as various models with major alterations to the scrap containing capacity, bale ejection mechanism and baling press operation type (Fully manual/automatic/semi-automatic). Generally, a scrap baling press from Advance Hydrau has a baling chamber of variable size to intake varied quantities of scrap, an electric motor, a series of cylinders to exert pressure at various positions of scrap in the machine and control panels. Distinguishing these individual parts of a machine, Advance Hydrau manufactures several basic models of scrap baling presses. These include Triple compression, double compression and single compression type scrap baling press machines. Triple compression baling press presses the scrap from 3 dimensions, where as double presses from two sides and single presses only from one side. These scrap baling press can be custom designed for any specific requirements of a client and also they are exported.

Paper and Plastic Scrap Baler

Another waste material category that can be processed with a custom baler by Advance Hydrau is the Paper and Plastic scrap and with a paper and plastic baler machine. The paper & Plastic baler machine comes as both horizontal as well as vertical press equipped with single and double cylinder. The low end paper or plastic baler with a single cylinder will process about 60-80Kg Paper or Plastic scrap at time in 60seconds. Where as the double cylinder baler will process 100-150Kgs in 30seconds using a 30hp 1440 rpm motor. The horizontal Paper and Plastic baler will press a massive 750Kg scrap using a 50hp and two 7.5hp motors running 1440rpm.

Mechanical Shearing Machine

Advance Hydrau manufactures hydraulic as well as Mechanical Shearing machines for various scrap cutting applications. The mechanical shearing machine makes 36 strokes every minute using a 5hp 3-phase motor that runs at 1440rpm. The shearing machine can cut a 20mm thick scrap using a 12” blade opening about 5” every stroke continuously. Unlike the mechanical Shearing machine a Hydraulic shearing machine uses plunger cum gear pump along with a 15hp 1440rpm motor and Hydro/Enclo-68 as fluid. The hydraulic shearing machine can cut about 2” using a 24” blade opening 9” at 14strokes/minute.

Scrap Briquette Machine

Advance Hydrau also offers scrap briquetting machine that is efficient even if its size is small. The production capacity is about 600-700 briquettes per hour. If the scrap is aluminium then the output weighs about 1.5Kgs and if it is made out of steel scrap then it weighs about 4.5Kgs. The briquette machine is equipped with a 60hp motor that exerts a tremendous 4000 PSI working pressure. It is PLC controlled either manually or automatically. The Briquette machine is also equipped with an oil cooling, scrap charging hopper, mesh type conveyor at output point and oil collection mechanism.

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