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Steel Projects
Steel Projects

Production Management

We help steel fabricators be more productive through the design, development, support and maintenance of our Intelligent Steel Fabrication Software: Steel Projects PLM. Our focus is on improving efficiency where it matters: On the shop floor. We are specialists in developing solutions that enable steel fabricators to:

  • • Plan and schedule by digitally fabricating projects before they begin
  • • Get reliable, accurate and up to date information from the detailing office
  • • Create an integrated shop that links material handling with equipment and workstations
  • • Manage change seamlessly
  • • Adjust production on the fly to maximize equipment utilization or avoid bottlenecks
  • • Easily track and record progress and share it as needed with clients

Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their shop is maximizing use of its resources and operating as efficiently as it can be; with improved material flow and increased man-hour efficiencies.

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