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Striko UK Ltd.

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StrikoMelter, Die Casting, Dosing In Gravity And Sand Casting & Al-recycling

Striko UK Ltd.
Striko UK Ltd.

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StrikoWestofen is a global manufacturer of thermal processing technology for the light metal casting industry and provides energy-efficient solutions for die-casting, gravity casting, sand casting and low-pressure casting. Our over 60 years of experience are the foundation for our extensive expertise and industrial knowledge, and this is what allows us to understand the needs and manufacturing processes of our customers so well. We are thus able to optimally integrate our systems into the respective production processes.

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Striko UK Ltd.
Unit 24 Jupiter Business Park, The Airfield Estate,
Hixon ST18 OPF Staffordshire
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1889 271155
URL: www.strikowestofen.com

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