Amag Extends Cooperation With the Red Cross

17 June 2024

The cooperation between AMAG Austria Metall AG and the Red Cross District Braunau in the field of disaster relief has been extended for a further two years. Since 2021, AMAG has been supporting the Red Cross disaster relief service in the Braunau district with 10,000 euros annually. The purchase of a logistics trailer is currently pending, for which the AMAG support will be used.

The extension of the cooperation agreement will strengthen the good cooperation that has existed for years and has already proven its worth during the Corona pandemic and in the repeated large-scale crisis exercises on the factory premises.

"As a leading company, AMAG takes its social responsibility seriously and supports organizations and initiatives in the region that serve the common good. The focus is on sustainable projects in the areas of education, social affairs, sport and culture. With this cooperation, we are making a contribution to strengthening the operational capabilities of the Red Cross and at the same time we would like to thank them for the cooperation that has already proven itself many times over ," says Helmut Kaufmann, Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer of AMAG Austria Metall AG.