Blastr Green Steel chooses Primetals Technologies as its technological partner for the ultra-low CO2 emissions steel plant in Inkoo, Finland - MIDREX H2™ chosen for the direct reduction plant

9 July 2024

Blastr Green Steel (Blastr) has selected Primetals Technologies, the market leader in environmental and energy-efficiency solutions for the metals industry, as its technology partner for the planned steel plant to produce 2,5 million tonnes of ultra-low CO2 steel annually in Inkoo, Finland. The partnership encompasses a range of crucial components in iron and steel production, including the design of a Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant, an electric steelmaking melt shop, an Arvedi ESP line, and a continuous pickling and galvanizing line. Primetals Technologies will develop the up to 100% hydrogen-based DRI plant in collaboration with Midrex Technologies, Inc. (Midrex), the world leader in DRI technology.

"This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable steel production and decarbonizing the steel value chain. By combining our strengths with industry leaders, we are poised to drive innovation and shape the future of steel production," says Mark Bula, CEO of Blastr Green Steel.

"We are pleased and excited by the selection of MIDREX H2 as the DR technology by Blastr," Midrex President and CEO K.C. Woody said. "The combination of 100% hydrogen-based HDRI and HBI production positions Blastr to be a major force in the decarbonization of European iron and steelmaking."

Primetals Technologies will also supply an electric arc furnace-based melt shop designed for direct charging of hot DRI and to melt recycled scrap metal with fully automated operation and advanced control system. The technology partner is responsible for the full electrics and automation, including advanced automation systems and solutions for optimized production management.

"The production process will be optimized with digitalization, enhanced use of robot technology, and advanced solutions for remote control to enable the highest possible level of autonomous operations enhancing occupational safety, a top priority for the project," said Andreas Viehboeck Head of Upstream Technologies at Primetals Technologies. 

The secondary metallurgy equipment supplied by Primetals Technologies, consisting of a ladle furnace and an RH plant, will enable Blastr to produce top-quality steel grades for the automotive sector, among other industries. In addition, Primetals Technologies will provide a system to treat off-gases and a plant to recover waste heat for the electric steel plant, ensuring energy is reused efficiently.

"Blastr's ultra-low CO2 targets require technology that ensures net-zero direct CO2 emissions from the steel production. The MIDREX Plant, featuring an electric heater as an alternative to a gas-fired reformer/heater, and the Arvedi ESP technology, which is an officially certified carbon-neutral thin-slab casting and hot rolling process, are two key technologies needed on the path to meet our ambitiously set emission targets," says Mikael Lindvall, Chief Technology Officer of Blastr Green Steel.