First Dry Bulk Carrier Made Entirely with JFE Steel’s JGreeX™ Green Steel Launched

6 June 2024

JFE Steel Corporation announced today that a naming and launching ceremony was held yesterday at the headquarters of Higaki Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. for the BRIGHT QUEEN, a dry bulk carrier built with JFE Steel’s JGreeX™ green steel. JGreeX™, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions during steelmaking,* accounted for all steel materials purchased directly by Higaki Shipbuilding for the vessel, resulting in what is believed to be the world’s first ship built entirely with green steel.

This is the first of two bulk carriers, designed to transport large quantities of dry cargo, that Higaki Shipbuilding is building using JGreeX™ materials for shipping company NYK Bulk & Projects Carriers Ltd.

When the vessel enters service in September 2024, it is also expected to be the first to receive the “a-EA (GRS)” designation, indicating a hull structure made of green steel materials, in accordance with new environmental guidelines developed by ClassNK, a Japanese non-profit NGO engaged in ship classification and environmental protection.
Separately, NBP tentatively plans to order two additional dry bulk carriers to be built exclusively with JGreeX™ materials, resulting in nine carriers ordered by five companies for full or partial construction with JGreeX™ materials (Figure 1). As a result, JFE Steel expects to deliver 36,000 tons of JGreeX™ products, up 12,000 tons from the original target.
Going forward, JFE Steel will continue to work with shipping companies to create a new business model in which the cost of CO2 reduction is shared across the supply chain. JFE Steel is contributing to global decarbonization with its low-carbon, energy-saving and high-efficiency technologies, as well as promoting JGreeX™ for expanded sales of green steel.