Fonon Corporation Highlights Its Laser Technology for Cutting Reflective Metals in Sanitary Equipment Manufacturing

18 May 2024

Fonon Corporation, a multi-market holding company, R&D center, equipment designer and manufacturer of advanced laser material processing systems for subtractive and additive manufacturing, highlights applications for its Titan FX Laser Cutting Systems for processing reflective materials in sanitary equipment manufacturing.

It is critical for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food processing, and beverage equipment producers to maintain sanitary manufacturing processes to assure the quality of their products and the well-being of consumers. Examples of sanitary equipment used across these industries include tanks of all capacities, pressure vessels, heat exchangers for pasteurization, thermization and cooling, clarifiers, fittings and pumps, blenders, bottlers and various types of conveyors.

Stainless steel and other highly reflective metals (aluminum, brass and copper) are commonly used in the fabrication of these components. Each material comes with a unique combination of qualities: strength, durability, resistance to heat and corrosion, as well as heat and electrical conductance. Manufacturers continually seek more effective methods to process these highly reflective metals. Laser processing is among these methods – and Fonon is a leading supplier of effective laser processing of highly reflective materials with its state-of-the-art Titan FX.

The Titan FX Laser Cutting System offers a cutting-edge, high-performing, reliable and cost-effective solution for cutting reflective metals. The fiber laser source in the system includes a proprietary built-in back-reflection isolator that safeguards the source from back-scatter produced by the workpiece. The processing method is non-contact, resulting in a minimal heat affected zone and ensuring minimal material distortion. This advanced technique allows for swift cutting with reduced error rates, addressing the primary shortcomings of conventional methods. Moreover, the process is free from harmful additives and generates no residual waste, rendering it environmentally friendly and safe for use in manufacturing components for food processing and other sanitary equipment.

The Titan FX stands out with its cutting-edge Direct Drive Motion System, CleanCut technology, and adaptive fiber laser beam shaping. This suite of technologies offers unparalleled benefits to the manufacturers of sanitary equipment and other industries requiring precision cuts on highly reflective metals at rapid production speeds. It strikes the perfect balance between high-precision accuracy and swift acceleration. Thanks to Titan FX’s efficiency, manufacturers can enjoy time and cost savings, leading to more economical and eco-friendly production processes, while also attaining exceptional edge quality on a wide array of materials.

Sanitary equipment manufacturers that make use of Fonon’s Titan FX benefit from the increase in speed and quality, reduced labor costs in automated processing, seamless integration into production lines, and lower material waste. For these reasons, Fonon’s laser technologies continue to gain momentum for this and other industries processing metals.