Granulated Slag from SAIL’s IISCO Steel Plant in high demand, sends first consignment to Bhutan

20 August 2015

Close on heels of despatching its first export consignment of steel to quake-hit Nepal on July 30, Steel Authority of India's newly expanded and modernised IISCO Steel Plant (ISP) at Burnpur, has sent its first export consignment of Granulated Slag to Bhutan.

The consignment which consists of 4000 tonnes of slag produced from the new blast furnace "Kalyani" will be utilised in cement plants in the mountain kingdom.

There is a high demand for the Granulated Slag produced at Burnpur from domestic customers like ACC Ltd and Burnpur Cement as well as from neighboring countries.

IISCO Steel Plant currently produces around 40,000 tonne of Granulated Slag per month and has export orders lined up from other neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. Preparation is on for exporting consignment of two rakes of Granulated Slag to customers in Nepal.

Incidentally, ISP's earlier export order comprising 5,500 tonnes of steel blooms will be used to roll out quake-resistant TMT bars and be utilised in re-building and re-construction work in Nepal. Both these exports are in alignment with the Prime Minister's pursuit to elevate bilateral relationship with neighboring countries by ushering in massive infrastructure development all around.

Recently on May 10, 2015 the PM, Narendra Modi had dedicated the modernized and expanded IISCO Steel Plant to the nation. The plant has not only tripled its hot metal capacity from 0.85 to 2.9 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) but also ushered in a new era of green and high quality steelmaking.