HBIS Tangsteel Delivering Large Volume of Products To Country’s Largest Container Manufacturer

14 September 2017

HBIS Tangsteel signed a sales contract with Yangzhou Corporation of China International Marine Containers Group (CIMC) for 600tons of high end automobile steel. CIMC is the largest ocean going container manufacturer of the country and this is the second time that CIMC rewarding contracts to HBIS.

CIMC is a world class conglomerate, specializes in logistic and energy equipment, producing containers, heavy load trucks and services. CIMC is a long term supplier of a major American trailer manufacturer. With this newly secured contract, HBIS Tangsteel will provide high end automobile steel to manufacture domestic traction pin board and crossbeams.     

This year, HBIS Tangsteel 1580mm production line has deepened its reform according to client demands and improved its direct sales ratio to high end clients. Their solution is identifying a major client, an active industry and a hot  spot in the market-- Three In One package. With already established cooperation, Tangsteel teams visited CIMC to promote their products and keep in touch with the CIMC with wechat app, and technical communications. Tangsteel experts now have daily contacts with CIMC Shanghai, Shenzhen, Liangshan subsidiaries, 6 in total. Since July, Tangsteel has already secured sales contracts with CIMC Shanghai, CIMC Yangzhou Corporation. From trial application to large volume delivery, Tangsteel has delivered more than 2900tons of its Type QSTE460TM?QSTE550TM high strength steel to CIMC companies. The product quality and company services are winning high remarks from CIMC teams.