JFE Steel's R&D into Line Pipe for Transporting High pressure Hydrogen Gas Selected for Nippon Foundation

14 June 2024

JFE Steel is pursuing technological development to meet the needs of oil companies under the shared goal of contributing to decarbonization. In the project, JFE Steel’s Steel Research Laboratory in Chiba, Japan will research the toughness properties required for high-pressure hydrogen pipelines, particularly through the application of Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA), a process that uses the known properties and stress histories of materials to determine criteria for ensuring acceptable risk tolerances in production and assured performance in the field. They will also conduct fracture toughness tests in high-pressure hydrogen environments using the specimen taken from steel pipe to evaluate its toughness.
The Nippon Foundation is Japan’s largest philanthropic foundation engaged mainly in supporting projects related to marine vessels/ocean affairs, public welfare and international cooperation initiatives funded with proceeds from boat racing operated by local governments in Japan.

The DeepStar consortium includes INPEX(Japan, )Shell (UK), Equinor (Norway) and other companies engaged in offshore oil and natural gas exploration, development and production worldwide, and also companies, universities and research institutes that are supporting these companies in their development of marine technology.

Given that hydrogen combustion produces no CO2, its potential for large-scale power generation and other applications is being explored worldwide. In the future, transporting large quantities of hydrogen from receiving terminals to power plants will require pipelines similar to those used for natural gas. However, since hydrogen reduces the ductility of steel by making it brittle, so research is being conducted to improve the quality of steel pipelines and to develop evaluation methods for safety standards.

Going forward, the JFE group will continue to pursue carbon neutrality through R&D aimed at helping industrial customers expand the supply and use of hydrogen, ultimately to realize a world powered by carbon-free hydrogen.