JGreeX™ Green Steel Selected by the world leading manufacturer of IT data center transformers in the U.S.

21 June 2024

JFE Steel Corporation today announced that its JGreeX™ green steel, a grain-oriented electrical steel with reduced environmental impact, has been selected by the world leading manufacturer of IT data center transformers in the U.S. This is the first application of JGreeX™ in the United States.

The order will be delivered to Eaton Corporation, a U.S. transformer manufacturer, through Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

JFE Steel uses mass-balance calculations to allocate emission reductions to specific JGreeX™ green-steel products. In accordance with Japan Iron and Steel Federation guidelines, JFE Steel allocates the environmental value of CO2 emission reductions achieved across an entire manufacturing process to specific steel products to quantify their low CO2 emission intensity.

Electrical steel sheet containing additives such as silicon and aluminum offers excellent magnetic properties including high magnetic flux density and low iron loss. Non-oriented electrical steel, which achieves excellent magnetic properties that are nearly uniform in all directions, is used in the iron cores of motors. Grain-oriented electrical steel, which has superior magnetic properties in a single (rolling) direction, is used in the iron cores of power and distribution transformers.

Demand for high-efficiency transformers is growing in order to reduce energy consumption in data centers, which are processing ever-increasing amounts of data due to the proliferation of artificial intelligence. The robust magnetic properties of grain-oriented electrical steel will help meet this demand by improving the efficiency of transformers.

Going forward, JFE Steel is committed to meeting this demand by manufacturing world-class, high-quality grain-oriented electrical steel, including expanding its supply of JGreeX™ and other eco-products that generate reduced CO2 emissions, ultimately to contribute to a more decarbonized world.