JSW Steel & JFE Steel begin pilot demonstration of advanced Cyber- Physical System technologies in Blast Furnace operations

1 July 2024

JSW Steel Limited and JFE Steel Corporation have commenced pilot demonstration of cloud-based Cyber Physical System technologies for blast furnace operations at JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works. Through this revolutionary digital project, JSW Steel will leverage data science technologies in a cloud environment to enhance efficiency of its blast furnace operations in the manufacturing of steel. This is the first project wherein JFE provides its proprietary CPS capability to JSW Steel through a cloud-based environment. JSW and JFE will be deepening this strategic collaboration through various other digital transformation initiatives in the production of steel to be implemented at JSW Steel in the future. JFE will continue to develop this solution based services for its partners across various global markets.

Commenting on the collaboration between JSW Steel & JFE, Mr Gajraj Singh Rathore, COO  Manufacturing of JSW Steel, “The digital collaboration with JFE to introduce Blast Furnace Cyber-Physical System technologies further strengthens our long-standing partnership with JFE Steel. This technological intervention will enable us to enhance the efficiencies of our blast furnace operations while positioning JSW Steel as a top-runner in data science tech deployment in the global steel sector. Both our organizations will also continue to explore newer possibilities for such tech collaborations in various fields.”

JSW Steel & JFE will jointly operate the cloud-based data science technology called Blast Furnace Cyber-Physical System  at JSW Steel Vijayanagar Works. The BF CPS intervention will enable JSW Steel to visualize and predict the blast furnace operations as well as aid in abnormality predictiveness through hot metal temperature control model & channeling prediction. This will enable JSW Steel to reduce operational impediments at its blast furnaces resulting in agile and stable operational outcomes. It is also expected to contribute to reduction of CO2 emissions in blast furnace operations. JFE introduced this technology across all of its 7 blast furnaces and continuously achieve highly-efficient and stable operations.

Since 2009, JSW and JFE continue to deepen their strategic collaboration through capital participation and provision of technical solutions such as automotive steels, electrical steels and environmental measures. JFE expects realization of higher productivity and stable operation by proactively promoting digital transformation  JFE continues to find solutions of matters in various fields through DX, and to extend such solutions including the BF-CPS to its strategic partners globally. Through this, JFE will also contribute towards the broader purpose of building a sustainable future.