NUBURU Expands Japanese Market Presence with JLC Installation of BL250 BlueScan System in Osaka

5 June 2024

NUBURU, Inc. a leading innovator in high-power and high-brightness industrial blue laser technology, today announced that Japan Laser Company (JLC), its distributor in Japan, has installed a state of the art NUBURU BL250 BlueScan system in the JLC Osaka office. The BL250 BlueScan system will be used to demonstrate micro welding and wire stripping to strategic electronic and medical device customers in the Japanese market.

NUBURU's BL250 BlueScan system sets a new standard in high-power blue laser technology by optimizing beam quality through innovative engineering. By minimizing the beam parameter product (BPP), the BL250 BlueScan system achieves maximum brightness, which is essential for efficient laser performance. Its unique approach involves actively aligned micro-optics to circularize and collimate the output of individual diodes, preserving the BPP and creating a high-power beam. This design contrasts with linear diode arrays, which suffer from increased BPP and reduced brightness. NUBURU's technology ensures higher power density, resulting in faster processing speeds and deeper weld penetration, enhancing overall performance in industrial applications.

Akira Morohashi, General Manager, Sales at JLC, commented: “We look forward to demonstrating the BL Series laser. The ability to deliver the blue wavelength beam through a scan head is unique and enables many micro welding and wire stripping applications. Japan Laser Company has already installed NUBURU's BL250 BlueScan system and intends to demonstrate the technology to many customers over the next few months.”

Japan's electronic and medical device market is experiencing significant growth, driven by technological advancements and increasing demand for innovative healthcare solutions. The medical device market in Japan is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.34% from 2022 to 2027, reaching approximately USD 282.11 billion by 2027. The rising prevalence of chronic diseases, the aging population, and the growing emphasis on early diagnosis and treatment are expected to fuel this growth.i In 2023, the Japanese market for medical devices was valued at around USD 29.7 billion and is expected to continue growing as the adoption of digital health technologies and AI-enabled devices increases.ii iii

NUBURU's cutting-edge technology could resonate well with Japan's tech-savvy population. NUBURU's blue lasers offer the highest brightness available, enabling effective use with Galvo scanners and delivering superior results in welding, soldering, and additive manufacturing of various metals – including copper, gold, aluminum, nickel, and stainless steel, as well as joining dissimilar metals. NUBURU's all-semiconductor construction and proprietary chip-based design ensure greater stability, reliability, and operating efficiency than other laser types.

Brain Knaley, CEO of NUBURU, commented: "NUBURU's first BL installation at the Osaka office of Japan Laser Company could open up numerous opportunities in Japan's electronics, medical device, and general manufacturing industries. As JLC demonstrates the unique benefits of higher yields and greater uptime and reliability when welding copper and aluminum and stripping wire with blue wavelength to its customers, we expect numerous additional opportunities to unfold in the Japanese market." Mr. Knaley continued, "NUBURU's presence in Japan could facilitate closer collaboration with JLC's customers, potentially leading to improvements in cost-efficiency, technology, and supply chain logistics, further solidifying our Company's position as a leader in blue laser innovation."