Quaker Houghton supports clean energy with Constellation advancing its goal of achieving carbon neutrality

31 January 2023

Quaker Houghton announced today that it has entered into a contract with Constellation to purchase Renewable Energy Certificatesto match approximately half of its total U.S. based electricity needs.

Andy Tometich, Quaker Houghton's Chief Executive Officer and President stated, "Sustainability is core to our business and is a critical, driving force in our long-term plan.  We are pleased to accelerate the achievement of our greenhouse gas emissions targets through the use of renewable energy certificates and remain committed to delivering on our ambitious 2030 sustainability goals."

The RECs supplied by Constellation are Green-e® Energy certified and sourced from wind and/or solar energy generators located in the contiguous United States.  Throughout the term of the contract, 100% of the electricity purchased by certain Quaker Houghton U.S. locations will be purchased via a renewable source or matched with RECs, which are subsequently retired.  Each Renewable Energy Certificate retired represents the positive environmental attributes of one megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity generated by a renewable generator.  Through the purchase of RECs, Quaker Houghton is supporting the operation and development of facilities that generate clean, renewable energy in locations where on-site generation is not currently feasible.

"Constellation is pleased to support the sustainability goals of our customers," said Daniel J. Verbanac, Senior Vice President, Retail for Constellation. "As America's leading clean energy producer, Constellation lauds Quaker Houghton's choice of renewable energy which helps reduce pollution and demonstrates a commitment to the environment."

For additional information on Quaker Houghton's sustainability program and comprehensive goals, visit www.quakerhoughton.com/sustainability.