Quality control mandatory for all producers: Indian Stainless Steel Development Association

15 June 2016

Indian Stainless Steel Development Association (ISSDA), an apex body representing the stainless steel industry has said the recent government decision to introduce a Stainless Steel Quality Control Order (QCO), 2016 is mandatory for the stainless steel manufacturer --be it a domestic or foreign producer --rather than the end user. ISSDA has also pointed out that the order will have a minimum impact on the stainless steel utensils market since it does not cover stainless steel containing less than 1% of nickel.

"Manufacturers would henceforth have to go in for BIS marking on the relevant grades. This provision will be applicable to all stainless steel products falling under the above mentioned standards, whether it is manufactured in India or is being imported into India. Although the QCO refers to the HS Codes, these are only indicative in nature. The QCO is applicable on the product form mentioned in the three standards and the 25 grades covered under it," N C Mathur, President, ISSDA said.

"The QCO does not cover raw material (stainless steel) containing less than 1% nickel, while stainless steel containing less than 1% nickel is majorly used for kitchen utensils. Moreover, this QCO is not restrictive as the end user is free to use other grades of stainless steel which is not covered in the QCO. The onus to supply ISI marked stainless steel therefore, rests exclusively on the stainless steel manufacturer rather than the end user," Mathur added.

In the recent past, the government has been issuing steel quality control orders to rein in poor quality and defective steel products being imported into the country. It has also taken a series of measures like imposition of a minimum import price, anti-dumping and safeguard duty on various steel products to check imports from countries such as China, South Korea and Japan.

The latest QCO is applicable to some 25 grades of stainless steel which are covered under its ambit. Incidentally, the QCO mainly covers three Indian Standards (BIS) including IS 5522, IS 15997 and IS 6911. Grades covered by these three standards are: IS 5522 - 304, 302 & 430; IS 15997 - N1 (Min 1% Nickel), N2 (Min 1.5% Nickel) & N3 (Min 4% Nickel); IS 6911 - 405, 430, 410, 420S1, 420S2, 420S3, 431, 440, 201, 201A, 202, 301, 302, 304S1, 304S2, 309, 310, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321 & 347. The grades are defined under three BIS standards (pertaining to stainless steel flat products) mentioned in the Schedule namely: IS 5522: Stainless steel sheets and strips for utensils; IS 15997: Low Nickel austenitic stainless steel sheet and strip for utensils and kitchen appliances and IS 6911: Stainless steel plate, sheet and strip -specifications.


Source : economictimes.indiatimes.com