Southern US Mills Boost Raw Steel Output, While The Great Lakes Cuts Back

12 April 2016

US raw steel production remained steady last week as gains in four regions, particularly the South, offset an 8.4% cut in the Great Lakes region, showed American Iron and Steel Institute data released Monday.

In the week that ended Saturday, US mills produced 1.656 million st, up 0.4% than 1.65 million st from the week before. Capability utilization edged up to 70.8% from 70.6%.

Compared with the same week a year ago, US mill production ticked up 0.4% last week from 1.649 mt, when mills operated at 69.8%.

Mills in the Great Lakes cut production 8.4% to 624,000 st from 681,000 st, a reduction largely offset by a 10.6% boost in Southern mill production to 552,000 st from 499,000 st.

Production at Midwest mills also increased 3.8% to 191,000 st from 184,000 st. Western mills boost production 2.4% to 85,000 st from 83,000 st. Northeast mills produced 1,000 st or 0.5% more steel last week, bringing its total to 204,000 st.

Year-to-date steel production is down 2.8%. The average capability utilization this year has been 70.4%, down from 71.5% in the year-ago period. AISI determines its weekly raw steel production data based on weekly data from 50% of the domestic industry and estimates the rest using monthly production data.


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