Stavian Industrial Metal champions sustainable growth and international connectivity at SEAISI 2024

14 May 2024

Stavian Industrial Metal Joint Stock Company proudly announces its sponsorship and participation in the SEAISI 2024 Conference & Exhibition, held from May 13th to 16th, 2024, at the Ariyana Convention Center in Danang, Vietnam. This event serves as a pivotal platform for the Southeast Asian steel industry.

Stavian Industrial Metal is poised to make a significant impact at the conference, aligning with the theme "Surviving and Thriving in the Decarbonized World." As a Diamond tier sponsor, the company will directly engage with customers and partners at Booth 14, presenting forward-thinking solutions for the sustainable metal industry.

Emphasizing solutions and international collaboration

Stavian Industrial Metal distinguishes itself as more than a distributor; it is a comprehensive solution provider, facilitating international trade and connectivity. "Our mission extends beyond conventional metal trading. We offer a suite of 15 business solutions and 4 business models designed to enhance the purchasing experience for our clients," the Senior Leader of the company stated.

Moreover, Stavian Industrial Metal actively seeks collaboration in trade, investment, manufacturing, technology transfer, and data analytics, fostering partnerships that drive mutual growth and development. This collaborative approach underscores the company's role as a catalyst for international connectivity and economic prosperity.

Positioning as a Global Facilitator

Stavian Industrial Metal's positioning as a comprehensive solution provider extends beyond the boundaries of Vietnam. While rooted in Vietnam, the company serves as a conduit for global connectivity, facilitating the exchange of metals and expertise between Vietnam and the international community. "Our vision is not only to bring Vietnamese metals to the world but also to welcome the world to Vietnam," the Senior Leader of the company stated.

Commitment to Sustainable Development and Global Connectivity

Embracing a strategic vision that emphasizes both international connectivity and sustainable growth, Stavian Industrial Metal reaffirms its dedication to integrating green steel into its operational framework. "Our participation in SEAISI 2024 underscores our commitment to driving sustainable practices within the metal industry. We recognize the global imperative to reduce carbon emissions and are steadfast in our pursuit of innovative solutions that benefit our customers and society," a company representative remarked.

This strategic alignment positions Stavian Industrial Metal to capitalize on emerging opportunities, including the anticipated green taxation in Europe, enhancing prospects for future exports to European and American markets. By prioritizing the development of green steel products, the company aims to propel Vietnamese metal products to the forefront of the global market while fostering a network of innovative solutions and facilitating the integration of international expertise into the Vietnamese market.