Steel companies sign £12m deal with UK

2 December 2015

The Engineering Industries Export Council has announced the signing of a contract worth £12m between six Egyptian companies and a British company in the field of metal forming, according to a press statement from the council on Tuesday.

The council did not release the name of the British company, but said the deal was for five years, depending on the Egyptian partners’ commitment to meeting their obligations under the arrangement.

The deal was arranged as part of the council’s strategy to encourage exports to Britain, in cooperation with the Egyptian commercial representation in London.

The Egyptian companies involved are: Milad Trading Company; Duara Corporation; Alex Metal Forming Company; Ahram Security Group; Alnaguly Company; and Comex Group.

The council also announced visits by three British companies and two companies from Libya with a view to doing business with a number of Egyptian factories. The factories in the 10th of Ramadan City, Quesna and 6th of October City are specialised in electrical and household goods.

The council added that the British and Libyan companies are hoping to buy electrical and household appliances from Egypt, including hotel supplies.