ALUMINIUM CHINA 2024 to Unveil in Shanghai this July: Registration Now Open for Global Visitors

22 March 2024

ALUMINIUM CHINA, Asia’s premier tradeshow and B2B platform for the aluminium industry and its main application fields, organized by RX Greater China, is set to return to Shanghai, China from July 3rd to 5th. This highly anticipated event aims to create a unique space where global industry professionals and suppliers come together, explore business opportunities, and foster innovation through exhibition, networking events, and concurrent forums.

Hosted at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, the annual trade fair ALUMINIUM CHINA, is now open for registration. With an unprecedented scale, it brings together top-tier resources across the aluminium value chain, facilitating collaboration between upstream and downstream businesses and promoting sustainable development of the industry. Interested visitors are cordially invited to register via the link:

"In 2023, driven by the rapid advancements in new energy vehicles and photovoltaics, China’s aluminium market has experienced substantial growth. This expansion signals immense potential for further development in the years ahead. Additionally, aluminium, known for its lightweight properties and recyclability, continues to gain favour across global markets and industries, especially in the context of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Against this backdrop, ALUMINIUM CHINA 2024 is strategically scheduled to be co-located with Copper China and Asia’s Lightweight Automotive Trade Fair. This resourceful integration aims to maximize opportunities for global buyers and suppliers within the non-ferrous metals industry and related application sectors. By providing a comprehensive business platform, the event fosters business cooperation, technology sharing and networking, contributing to the overall growth and innovation in the industry," stated Chris Zang, Senior Project Director at RX Greater China.

Converging global resources on one platform with an unprecedented scale

Anticipated to welcome over 28,000 visitors, the 19th edition of ALUMINIUM CHINA centers around the innovation and applications of aluminium products, processing equipment, and other non-ferrous metals, including copper and magnesium. The expansive show floor spans an impressive 50,000 square meters. The event’s international reputation has grown significantly, with this year’s edition poised to attract more than 1,800 overseas attendees from over 80 countries and regions.

In 2024, streamlined Chinese visa application processes and visa-free policies for multiple countries—including Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand—have made international business exchanges even more convenient. Capitalizing on these favourable policies, ALUMINIUM CHINA introduces the International Visitor Benefits Program, a new initiative aimed at global buyers. This program will facilitate your attendance at the exhibition, allowing you to explore premium, high-quality aluminium products, and processing equipment showcased by both Chinese and international manufacturers.

Visitors will also benefit from a range of on-site events curated by ALUMINIUM CHINA, including the ALU Insight International Aluminium Industry Development Forum, business matching sessions, and factory tours. These opportunities provide insightful updates on the market, boost business prospects, and offer a glimpse into advanced technology and solutions for aluminium processing.

Exploring Multi-Exhibition Collaboration to Drive Industry Innovation

After years of rapid development, China has emerged as the largest manufacturer and consumer of copper globally, establishing a robust presence in the industry. To empower professionals in the global non-ferrous metals sector and related application fields, we are creating a comprehensive platform where they can connect with diverse suppliers of non-ferrous metals, industrial materials, processing equipment, and auxiliaries.

RX Greater China has partnered with the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Fabrication Association (CNFA) to introduce the 2024 Shanghai International Industrial Materials Exhibition • Copper (Copper China). This dynamic tradeshow spotlights copper materials, semi-products, processing equipment, auxiliary materials, and engineering services related to the copper industry.

Global professionals from various application sectors—including wire and cable, automotive OEMs, photovoltaic energy storage, air conditioning and refrigeration, electronic communication, and connectors—are cordially invited to this trade fair. Serving as a global hub for technology exchange, business networking, and academic dialogues, Copper China fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Furthermore, RX Greater China will host a themed forum that bring together industry experts and forward-thinking minds. These forums will provide a platform for sharing expertise, experiences, and insights on market trends, advanced technologies, and the dynamic forces shaping the future of the copper industry.

Propelling Industry Development with Cutting-Edge Innovation

ALUMINIUM CHINA 2024, a global platform committed to driving sustainable development in the aluminium industry, is poised to unite over 600 domestic and international exhibitors. These industry leaders will showcase innovative products and state-of-the-art technology spanning the entire aluminium value chain.

Aligned with its core objectives, ALUMINIUM CHINA has meticulously planned a series of on-site events that spotlight the diverse applications of aluminium across various sectors. By bringing together industry elites, these events shed light on the market’s future outlook.

“In the face of escalating competition within the aluminium industry, companies are adopting multifaceted strategies. They focus on product quality, cost optimization, and groundbreaking innovations to gain a competitive edge. Simultaneously, they recognize the importance of collaboration to enhance their technological profiles and stabilize supply chains. ALUMINIUM CHINA 2024 will host themed forums and business matching services, fostering cooperation across the industry chain.” emphasized Chris Zang, Senior Project Director at RX Greater China.

To learn more about ALUMINIUM CHINA, please visit the official website or the Facebook Page.