Brady Industries Acquires Aluminum Technology Leader Company Nanoal

25 September 2018

BREADY INDUSTRIES, the world's leading leader in nanocrystal reinforcement technology for aluminum sheets, is the third wholly owned subsidiary of Nanal (NanoAl), Kentucky State Ashland Acquired. Nanoal will join the ownership of Brady Industries following the Brady Atlas and BeloCind of aluminum rolling mills.

Nanoal was founded on the basis of the Department of Materials Science at Northwestern University for the purpose of commercializing the development technology of high strength aluminum alloy through control of the main structural characteristics of nanoscale. At Brady, we believe that this technology has the potential to dramatically increase the specific strength of aluminum produced at the Brady Atlas plant, thereby acquiring a competitive advantage in the OEM market of the automotive and aerospace industries can do.

Dr. Alan Lund, Chief Executive of Beroxint and Brady's Chief Technology Officer, said: "We believe that with the innovative approach of Nanoal we can increase the strength of aluminum sheets by 20% compared with conventional levels while maintaining low cost.This technology is also used for 3D printing applications It can also be applied to powder metallurgy including Brady · Atlas Factory and Beroxin.This deal will enable us to achieve the goal of restructuring Appalachia with state-of-the-art technology, focusing on lightweight solutions, We will move one step further. "

Dr. Nyon Q. Bo, co-founder and chief executive officer and chief technology officer of Nanoal, says: " The new collaboration with Brady Industries and Beroxint brings the opportunity to strengthen our research and development capabilities and become an innovative leader in light metal nanosciences technology."

Craig T. Buschar, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Brady Industries, said: " We are very pleased to have the opportunity to encourage the growth of our powder metallurgy business through acquisitions.The company has received a lot of inquiries regarding the construction of the second rolling mill and we also pursue that opportunity It is an idea to do. "

About Brady Industries:

Brady Industries is a future-oriented advanced metal manufacturing company for the global transport and defense industry. The first project by Brady Industries is Phase 1 of the construction of Greenfield's aluminum rolling mill at the East Park Industrial Center in Ashland, Kentucky. With this factory, Brady Industries will be a low-cost manufacturer to produce 300,000 tons of annual 5000 and 6000 series aluminum sheets for mass production in the automotive industry. Brady's subsidiary, BELOXCENT is a lightweight solution company trained by MIT, engaged in manufacturing parts making full use of innovative nanocrystal technology. Brady's newest subsidiary, Nanoal acquired on September 18, 2018, is leading the world in application of nanocrystal technology to aluminum sheets. For more information on Brady Industries please visit .

About nanoal:

Nanoar is a material technology company specializing in the design, development and commercialization of high performance aluminum alloy using scientifically designed nanostructures. Nanoal was founded after 17 years of research at Northwestern University. Alloys produced by nanoal can be processed by traditional (casting) and non-traditional (powder metallurgy) methods, and are widely applied in various industries in addition to automobiles and electric power transmission. For more information on nanoal, please visit .

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