Danieli endless casting-rolling at KOSCO

4 November 2020

Korea Steel Shapes Co. (KOSCO) awarded Danieli a contract to supply a new, high-speed rolling mill to produce of deformed bars in the range of 10 to 57 mm-dia, to be installed in Chilseo plant.

The new rolling mill will be linked directly to a Danieli 5-strand caster, through a Danieli Automation Q-Heat induction heater.

This will be the first complete Danieli minimill in South Korea – meltshop and caster having been supplied by Danieli in 2007.

With zero emissions for billet reheating, Danieli Direct Casting Rolling technology fulfills the demand for high efficiency and energy savings and will allow KOSCO to drop CO2 emissions whilst improving material yield up to 98% .

This new rolling mill will be comprised of 16-housingless stands, two 4-pass, multidrive high-speed twist-free finishing blocks, fed by two-strand slit-rolled material coming from the upstream intermediate mill. In this way, smaller bar sizes will be produced on two strands at very high speed, fully exploiting the mill’s capacity for the whole product range.

An in-line quenching and self-tempering process will improve the mechanical properties of deformed bars, in particular the yield strength, aimed at reducing costs for micro-alloyed elements.

A dual high-speed twin-channel system will discharge the bars on to the 102-meter-long cooling bed for smaller bars, while larger diameters from 22 mm will be discharged through a roller table with aprons. Finishing area with automatic counting and bundling, including sub-bundles will complete the supply.

The whole process will be fully controlled by a Danieli Automation process control system, including Level 2.

The contract was singed during a videoconference call earlier this month.

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Source: danieli.com