Danieli Twin-MIDA endless casting rolling plant started-up at Guilin Pinggang

23 February 2021

Guilin Pinggang Iron and Steel awarded Danieli the order for a Twin-MIDA ECR® Endless Casting and Rolling plant to produce 1.3 Mtpy rebar and wirerod in an energy-efficient and sustainable way.

Installed nearby Gulin City, in the Guanxi province, China, the plant has been started up smoothly and now it is ramping-up at a fast pace.

Danieli plants featuring Danieli Universal Endless DUE technology utilize a short induction heating system for billet temperature equalization (no reheating) and ensure the highest plant yield and constant quality along the entire finished rolled stock.

The FastCast caster continuously feeds the mills with endless 190-mm square billets at high speed. The two mills consist of 20 housingless stands each, and produce respectively 10 to 28-mm-dia rebars and 6 to 12-mm-dia wirerod.

The UFG Ultra Fine Grain process guarantees high-quality products for reliable construction purposes, whilst allowing considerable alloy savings.

Patented DRB Direct Rolling and Bundling permits the cutting of rebar to final length directly off the last stand.

The sum of the installed Danieli technologies allows the most competitive CapEx and OpEx.

Danieli manufactured all the technological equipment at Danieli quality workshops in Italy and China, and provided advisory services.

Danieli Automation supplied the advanced full process control system ensuring timely synchronization of two casting strands and related rebar and wirerod mills, and core power equipment.

This is the minimill with the highest single-strand productivity in the world.

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Source: danieli.com