ECO DEPOT revolutionizes the Cement, Asphalt, and Steel Market

4 March 2022

Eco Depot, Inc.  a Nevada company, is pleased to announce the following results on Development One Nanotechnologies and Energy Inc. ("D1 Nano"), a portfolio company of Eco Depot Inc. Eco Depot Inc announces results of Nano Graphene technologies for the following applications:

D1 Nano Technology Applications and Results

D1 Nano specializing in nanocarbon atoms and polymer products within the coating and construction industry, promotes their proprietary cement additive - PG-Pristine Graphene.

The additive reduces shrinkage and is hydrophobic, increasing sheer strength by more than 30%. The product decreases cement pour times by 30% with 25% less slurry to achieve the same coverage.

The addition of PG-Pristine Graphene to cement and asphalt is a "game-changer" from conventional thinking.

Applying the additive to 3D printed parts results in parts that are 300% stronger than stainless steel and 70% lighter.


D1 Nano has engaged third-party labs to test oil well-cementing applications. Current testing  shows a remarkable 45% increase in compressive strength, along with early strength development and excellent dispersion properties reducing pumping friction during placement.

D1 Nano has also engaged a major  cement provider in Portland to begin structural concrete testing.


D1 Nano is seeking additional testing  to comply with DOT Standards for both hot  and cold asphalt binder mix processes. PG-Pristine Graphene blend is currently being field-tested as an additive by a large-scale asphalt company.

D1 Nano proprietary carbon fibre material to increase flexibility and application patching is also being tested. Next steps are to facilitate third-party testing by the asphalt company's nomination.


D1 Nano has rigorously tested its carbon coating sprays, and it is working with a Texas-based company to test spray for construction applications on steel for strength enhancement and erosion/corrosion mitigation.

D1 Nano is collaborating with an international company to test anti-corrosion/erosion materials and increased strength sprays on formulas for sea-water applications for distribution to the North Sea, Africa, and the Middle East.

At the same time, D1 Nano is co-developing an anti-sloughing, non-permeable coating solution for maritime wind-sea applications working with UK partners that have operations in North Africa.

D1 Nano also develops an anti-friction and solvent-aversive spray for high friction environments and an internal lubricant coating for flow piping.

D1 Nano is working to promote its carbon coating to the airline industry. D1 Nano products help aircrafts with lubricity, protective anti-icing issues and can also enhance electrical conductivity.

While D1 Nano is making a deep footprint in cementation and asphalt technologies; D1 Nano carbon coatings increase strength, lubricity, lower friction, and extend the life of various materials and machinery across a myriad of industries.

Eco depot's focus is to provide investments, funding, and support for acquisitions, startups entrepreneurs and green companies dedicated to protecting the environment and energy and carbon reduction.


Development One Nanotechnologies and Energy Inc. is an innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of products and services, having commercialized proven coatings that increase strength, lower friction, increase lubricity, and extend the life of various materials and machinery across a myriad of industries. The Company's coatings are applied through a proprietary process allowing for scalable drying times along with the ability to enhance parameters to meet even the most demanding requirements. The Company has also developed a deep footprint in cementation and asphalt technologies and seeks to further develop its proprietary technologies in these fields while working closely with some of the most trusted counterparties in the marketplace.

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Eco Depot, Inc. acquires, manages, and develops eco-friendly consumer brand products. Their focus is to provide investments, funding, and support for acquisitions, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and green companies dedicated to protecting the environment. Eco Depot is a development stage distributor of eco-friendly consumer brand products and is publicly traded Over the Counter at (OTC PINK: ECDP).


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