EVRAZ Started Tashtagol Iron Ore Mine Upgrade

16 November 2018

EVRAZ started upgrading the Tashtagol ore mine. The project will enhance the company's self-sufficiency in raw materials, increasing ore production at the mine from 2.2 mtpa to 3.25 mtpa. The total investment into the project is expected to reach RUB 6.8 billion.

The project includes the commissioning of the Sibiryak skip shaft, which will be used to deliver materials and transport the extracted ore to the surface. An underground crushing plant will be installed at 350 meters underground. The Tashtagol mine will operate two technologies: the traditional block caving, since a large part of the deposit has been prepared for it, alongside with sublevel caving-and-filling with the use of self-propelled equipment. This technology, similar to the one used at the Sheregesh mine, will significantly increase productivity at all stages of ore production and reduce the costs.

The existing stowing unit will be upgraded to double its capacity. The water treatment plant, the administrative building, and the personnel facilities will be modernised, too.

So far, the company has completed the engineering surveys of construction sites, audited the existing buildings and structures, as well as conducted the mining exploration of the Zapadny area of the deposit. Roadways at the -350 m level have been inspected and preparations to launching the new technology started in the Vostochny area.

The mine is scheduled to switch to the new technology in H2 2019.

At the Tashtagol mine, booked reserves within the mining allotment down to the -350 m level stand at 53.8 million tonnes of ore with an iron content of 40.3 percent. Currently, the mine is operated in three areas: the Yugo-Vostochny, Vostochny, and Severo-Zapadny. Pre-concentrate goes to the Abagurskaya ore-processing plant and then to EVRAZ ZSMK.

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Source: evraz.com