Fonon Corporation Highlights Its Quartz Laser Welding Technology for Glass Manufacturing Applications

25 January 2024

Fonon Corporation, a multi-market holding company, R&D center, equipment designer and manufacturer of advanced laser material processing systems for subtractive and additive manufacturing, highlights applications for its Quartz Laser Welding Technology (QLWT).

This innovative technology is used to manufacture quartz glass for optical devices, lighting systems, refractory materials and chemical apparatuses. Fonon's patented Quartz Laser Welding Technology makes it possible to weld through quartz glass on a monolithic basis. This has far-reaching implications for the design and manufacturing of any device that uses quartz glass as a fundamental component of its mechanism.

These include optical telescopes, mirrors and other astrophysical devices for magnifying distant celestial objects and quartz glass cuvettes for full-visible-range measurements in liquid laser applications, to name only a couple. Thanks to Fonon’s technology, quartz glass structures can now be built to virtually any size, with monolithic joints that allow them to be used where wide transparency range and superior light transmittance are required, as in prisms, lenses, beam splitters, polarizers, mirrors and windows. QLWT joints also allow quartz glass structures to function as tunable circuits used in telecommunication and radio frequency communication systems, pressure sensors, accelerometers, and filters.

Traditional methods based on gas or conventional laser technology are limited to only 2mm in weld thickness, after which they cause such component distortion that the part becomes unacceptable for required performance parameters. Fonon Corp’s technology allows operators to weld joints up to 100mm deep and with welding characteristics like those of monolithic quartz glass. Using this cutting-edge technology, it is possible to form welds with minimum stress in the weld zone without deformation normally present in such a process. The result is greater strength and a higher melting point compared to ordinary glass.

Manufacturers and consumers who utilize QLWT processes benefit from higher material strength as the technology reduces production and handling damage at the factory while reducing product failures in the field. Increases in speed, strength and quality, plus a reduction in manufacturing waste, allow manufacturers to cut production time and costs, which is why the technology continues to gain momentum in the aerospace and astrophysical industries. The technology has also seen increased popularity in areas dealing with flat panel displays, optical devices, refractory materials, chemical apparatuses, semiconductors and electronic manufacturing.

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