From Father\'s Business to Global Entrepreneur, Himansh Verma Touching Sky in Green Inventions

16 September 2019

Business Wire India

Mr. Himansh Verma, the Founder & Chairman of Navrattan Group
Mr. Himansh Verma, the Founder & Chairman of Navrattan Group

Leaving no stone unturned, Himansh Verma who is now an eminent global entrepreneur, had started his business career from scratch by working in his father's jewelry business but lately he is acquiring Intellectual Property (IP) rights which are for creative Science and Technological concepts in India and much other high profiles eco-friendly projects for our nation.
Mr. Verma is the administrator and author of Navrattan Group, who is thinking of horde of eco-accommodating activities which will end up being a shelter for the general public. Umpteen quantities of creative thoughts are into the shape which will give a stage to the nation to support its economy and will take it to the way of eco-accommodating advancement.
The associations that work for these regions are Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd, Navrattan Green Power Co. Ltd, Navrattan Science, and Technology KFT.
24x7 Electricity Generation Technologies
Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited is a vertical of Navrattan Group that has given us an innovative solution to electricity generation. The technology is called the ‘SUNSUL’ technology which is a self-looped generator that produces continuous energy without polluting the environment. It is a mega green power project based on solar energy. The innovation is brought alive to build the foundations of greener and cleaner tomorrow. SUNSUL Technology can produce incredible amounts of electricity without a constant feedstock of fossil fuels, atomic energy or hydro-powered means. The revolutionary technology can recycle its own energy feedstock in a closed-loop system.

E-Bus by Navrattan Holdings Limited (NHL)
Navrattan Holdings Limited has introduced a novel invention into the market, called the Navrattan Composite Electric Bus (E-Bus). The Science & Technology venture of Navrattan Group has become the first company in India to do so. E-Bus is a revolution in the transportation sector. The bus is completely environment-friendly, highly efficient, made with superior quality composite plastic, and is user-friendly. At present 50 buses are up and running across the globe that is successfully tried and tested over 3 million kilometers of distance. Its superior charging system power charges the bus such that it can efficiently run for 16 hours with a mere charge of 4 hours.
The idea was brought alive with the efforts of Mr. Himansh Verma, the Founder & Chairman of Navrattan Group. Mr. Verma has globally and nationally developed and acquired over 60 IPRs spread over different industries.

Thermo Chemical Gasification
Thermo Chemical Gasification is an environmentally friendly technology that can convert any carbon-containing feedstock like sewage, agricultural, animal, medical, and municipal solid waste into ‘Green’ electricity, natural gas, and bio-fuel. The gas produced is called the ‘Syngas’ which is a clean, dry, and flexible fuel. 
Thermo Chemical Gasification is the most sought after technologies for waste treatment and is the most cost-effective and cleaner than conventional combustion process.
Himansh Verma, Founder and Chairman, Navrattan Group of Companies says, "The progression in urbanization and the people living in urban frameworks and towns, and the climbing in the expense of oil, have put weight on standard centrality supplies, and have helped drive the gasification essentially dependably."

Eco-accommodating Navrattan Green Crete
Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Eco-friendly and sustainable cement called the Navrattan Green Crete. The cement is stronger and has higher compressive and tensile strength as compared to OPC. The cement the manufacturing process does not involve large energy-intensive kilns and does not depend upon limestone burning; thus, the cement manufacturing process is completely pollution-free.
The water and acid resistant cement is durable, ductile and reliable under all climatic conditions, thus, making sure that our structures are forever. The technology substantially reduces our carbon footprint.
Navrattan Holdings Ltd. has examined and made different unique advances in the segment of Science and Technology. The affiliation has a social occasion of surely understood researchers, and specialists who have 24x7 gets to the best of science diaries and particularly masterminded top-level labs to work.