GJ Steel embraces Danieli Service for slab caster revamping

19 July 2019

The project includes 216 stainless steel slab caster rolls

Danieli Service - Slab Caster Rolls Department - is providing a brand-new set of 216 stainless steel X20Cr13V slab caster rolls as part of an upgrade project for “non-Danieli design” vertical caster (Segments 1, 2 and 3) at GJ Steel, in Thailand.
The rolls are a sleeve-type design using innovative, long-life EICH bearings designed for extreme heat-resistance, high impact loads, and dirt resistance with a low installation height.
The new equipment will be produced in Danieli Thailand workshops, where the manufacturing of roll with or without cladding, and the assembly of slab caster segments are part of the workshop specializations.

For more info:
Massimo Rovere
[email protected]
+66 8 9245 9129


Source: danieli.com