IMT Taiwan renews Taipei’s position to anchor metal industry chain 2023

28 July 2023

Taiwan’s only exhibition dedicated to the metal industry - the International Metal Technology Taiwan (iMT Taiwan) return in 2023 at a new venue in central Taipei is further boosted by encouraging market spring back by industry players eager for more, better and expansively diversified business. Now centrally located at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, iMT Taiwan 2023 will deliver an engaging business platform over 3 dynamic days from the 18 to 20 October. As metal processing is the foundation of all heavy industries and for Taiwan’s most strategic industries, iMT Taiwan’s staging success is set to drive greater multinational business exchange and trade mobility across East Asia and its neighbouring markets.

Organized by Kaigo Co; Ltd, its President, Gerd Keim highlighted that, “the global market confidence in the potential of Taiwan's metal industry stems from its future-forward metal businesses that deliver quality solutions reliably and in-tuned with technological advancements sought-after by various industry verticals with niche engineering and production demands. This is where iMT Taiwan excels in matching international as well as local trade buyers from automobile manufacturers, raw material processors, chemical and energy companies, electronics and telecommunication giants with Taiwanese manufacturers who can produce customized products at competitive pricing levels.”

Taiwan has a strong technological infrastructure and skilled workforce, enabling expertise in precision engineering, advanced manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge technology. This strengthens Taiwan-based metal businesses to produce high-quality products with great precision and efficiency. Often specializing in the production of high-value and niche products including specialty steels, precision components, and advanced metal alloys, Taiwan-based manufacturers can cater to specific customer needs and provide customized solutions, creating a competitive advantage in the global metal market.

Hosting renowned industry leaders alongside some of Taiwan’s fastest growing metal businesses namely KUKA, FANUC, SINTAI, RICH SOU TECHNOLOGY, KING SHANG YUAN MACHINERY, SIMHOPE INDUSTRIAL, TAIWAN LINKIGI METAL, TAIWAN 3 AXLE, KAINAN METALS, GRAND FORGING INDUSTRIES and others solidify iMT Taiwan’s commitment to showcase the best offerings. In fulfilling the complete needs of the metal processing value chain, some X exhibiting companies will offer forging, welding, mold, foundry, metallurgy, wire, tube, metal materials, heat treatment, test equipment, industrial machinery and metal forming technology products and applications. This comprehensive exhibit range also encapsulates Taiwan’s capabilities as a significant player in the global metal industry, particularly in the production and export of high-quality steel for construction and machinery-building needs, automotive or robotic parts, and electronic components.

Taiwan's business vibrancy nurtured by a well-established industrial ecosystem

For participating exhibitors, iMT Taiwan provide a vibrant industrial ecosystem with a cluster of metal-related businesses, including suppliers, manufacturers, and supporting service providers. This ecosystem fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and resource pooling, creating a conducive environment for growth and innovation in the metal industry. These factors collectively contribute to Taiwan's importance as a manufacturing powerhouse for metal businesses. Its advanced technology, expertise, strong supply chain, specialization, global market integration, innovation, and industrial ecosystem make it an attractive hub for metal-related manufacturing activities.

Keim added that, “As Taiwan has earned a strong reputation as a reliable and high-quality producer of metal products, which has garnered trust and confidence from customers and businesses worldwide, iMT Taiwan is committed to delivering a service-focused trade event that fulfils the sourcing and procurement needs of trade buyers worldwide at a convenient location.” For the 10,000 attendees, Taipei’s connectivity to Taiwan’s well-developed and reliable supply chain network, including raw materials, components, and logistics pave steady access and flow of resources necessary for metal businesses.

At the visitor end, international industry professionals and trade buyers seeking new supplier networks will benefit from the subsidy programs, matchmaking services, factory tours and other value-add services that Kaigo Co; Ltd offer to facilitate a purposeful visit to iMT Taiwan. The spread of visitor-focused deliverables is representative of Taiwanese metal businesses’ commitment to establishing strong global connections and partnerships. As they are actively engaged in international trade and export their products to various markets worldwide, international visitors will be meeting Taiwanese companies that are attuned to export market demands and have access to global trade networks from standing multilateral partnerships.

Industry partners; Taiwan Casting Industry Association, Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry, Taiwan Welding Society, Taiwan Foundry Society, Taiwan Mold & Die Industry Association, Taiwan Steel Wire & Rope Industries Association and others supporting iMT Taiwan with their market expertise and trend insights will lead various conferences and seminars aimed at equipping industry professionals with critical observations on supply-demand patterns and manufacturing advancement opportunities. Taiwan’s national think tank agencies such as the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC) backed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will augment the onsite thought-leadership events with presentations on their latest technology research findings in metal and related areas such as forming, automotive, mold and precision machining, as well as metal applications for key-growth sectors such as medical device technology, power generation and other technology-intelligent industries.

Experience iMT Taiwan to collectively contribute to or benefit from Taiwan's onward progression as a relevant manufacturing powerhouse for metal businesses. Its advanced technology, expertise, strong supply chain, specialization, global market integration, innovation, and industrial ecosystem make it an attractive, and not-to-be-missed hub for metal- related manufacturing activities from the heart of Taipei.

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