LexCentral Provides Quality Steel to the Appliance Industry

19 September 2017

LexCentral announced it has increased overall growth in the appliance industry, bolstered by exceeding ISO quality targets for the third consecutive month. LexCentral’s quality and banner customer service continue to drive its flat-rolled steel products to a variety of industries including air conditioning, water heaters, furnaces, washers, dryers, refrigeration and other household and industrial appliances.

“It’s extremely rare to see companies in the steel industry achieve such high performance. We’re excited to achieve this level of performance which is crucial to industries like appliance manufacturing that relies on quality material,” said Bill Douglass, president at LexCentral. “With the industry strongly correlated with housing starts, we recognize our contribution of high quality steel to the appliance industry has been a huge asset to the overall growth thus far at LexCentral and we are thrilled to share the success with our customers.”

Similar to the automotive sector, LexCentral provides its flat-rolled steel products through a group of appliance stampers to appliance manufacturers and continues to focus on supply chain efficiency. LexCentral has been providing steel products to the industry since the inception of The Lex Group, and continues to operate a unique distribution process that provides customers with superior production quality, logistical support and high quality products.

Aside from household and industrial appliances, LexCentral is dedicated to deliver quality products to a variety of other industries including agricultural, construction, industrial, commercial, residential, electrical and precision machined products. Everything from metal buildings, tractors, appliances, office furniture, metal lockers, tubing, lawnmowers and shelving are made in the Midwest and supplied by LexCentral Steel.

The LexCentral plant is currently taking orders, and interested manufacturers can obtain more information at http://lexcentral.net. The company also operates LexWest in Los Angeles and LexSouth in Houston, expanding its reach across the majority of the U.S.

About The Lex Group

The Lex Group is the parent company of a group of subsidiaries that distribute flat rolled steel and other related metal products to solve the challenges that North American manufacturers and distributors face every day. Its businesses offer full production and logistical support with distribution facilities in the Midwest, South, and Western United States. For more information, please visit: www.lexholding.net.


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