MetalBerg is Now Designing and Manufacturing Steel Warehouses

17 September 2019

Under the supervision and sheer guidance of Kassem Ajami from Nigeria, Metal Berg Manufacturing has now entered into designing and manufacturing of steel warehouses for businesses looking for a quick means to set up their establishment.

The warehouse designed for such operations is named Steel Line Industries Ltd. and is sourced at 8C, Kayode, Abraham Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The warehouse is voluminous in terms of space and has a stretch of around 12,000 meters per square, with the capacity to produce 97,000 tons per year.

Steel warehouse buildings here are prepared for both commercial and industrial purposes; the steel utilized is of the highest quality, with a hot-dip galvanization process as well.

Every requirement is fulfilled; keeping the structural veracity and toughness of the product in mind, the team can recommend and prepare the structure that is best suited for the application. The team starts right from the phase of planning and continues even after the erection of the structure. The team is there for technical assistance 24/7 until the businesses don't imbibe or get the hang of ideal warehouse space.

The facilities created in the end are functional, attractive and expandable, possessing great durability and structural integrity.

These prefabricated warehouses/structures are ideal, as they can support a multitude of project requirements, can be expended if future opportunities grow, are optimum in cost, aesthetics and function, and involve no-middlemen cost, as they are shipped directly from the manufacturing warehouses to the actual location.

MetalBerg's aim with this initiative is to help ventures or units achieve scalable, cost-effective, durable, custom-made complete warehouse structures on a quick turnaround. The team's mission is to ensure that its clients take home the best quality products and services.

About MetalBerg Manufacturing Ltd

MetalBerg Manufacturing Ltd is a specialized steel fabrication and construction company. They have cutting-edge technology and automation-led resources to prepare structural steel and galvanized steel materials. It deals in construction management, industrial maintenance, prefab structure and frames, etc.

The team deploys full-in house service inside purpose-built warehouses and manufacturing hubs for designing, detailing, fabricating, painting and delivering the final steelwork to every client, based on requirements. Having an aligned, well-connected workforce, information systems, processing types of equipment, training procedures, communication model to effectively meet the end-customer need, they are focused on delivering quality, affordable and convenient steel products circled around the budget scope and delivery deadline.