Metalloinvest continues technical re-equipping programme at Ural Steel’s blast furnace shop

3 December 2020

Ural Steel (part of Metalloinvest) has put into operation a new ore transfer car as part of a programme to re-equip blast furnace production. Metalloinvest allocated 73 mn roubles to its acquisition.

The modern loader, with a 70-tonne lifting capacity, was installed on the bunker trestle of the blast furnace shop. It will transport charge materials from the ore yard to the blast furnace ore bunkers, ensuring an uninterrupted and highly efficient operation.

The self-propelled ore transfer car is better adapted to the difficult conditions of blast furnace production than its predecessor. It is more mobile and has a reliable hydraulic braking system. All mechanisms are controlled by a machinist using control panels in a comfortable cabin equipped with heating and air conditioning systems. It enables the loading of up to 3,500 tonnes of sintering and charge products into the furnaces per day.

The technical re-equipping of the blast furnace shop is carried out as part of the strategic integrated development programme for Ural Steel. Preparations are currently underway for the commissioning of the upgraded Blast Furnace #2, following which the load on the ore transfer car will increase threefold.