NanoAL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unity Aluminum, signs a long-term commercial license agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan for advanced aluminum alloy products

24 February 2021

NanoAL, LLC announced that it has entered into a commercial license agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd. (RtMJ) to bring its award-winning Addalloy® series of advanced aluminum alloy powders to the high-growth metal additive manufacturing market in Asia. The companies also signed a memorandum of understanding for potential partnerships for additional advanced aluminum alloy products from NanoAL, including aluminum castings and rolled sheets for the automotive and other industrial applications.

“ This announcement is a tremendous signal regarding the market needs for Addalloy powder. In partnership with RtMJ, a wholly owned subsidiary of the global trading house Mitsubishi Corporation, we will now be able to expand our reach across the globe and keep the promises of excellent performance and economy of our aluminum alloy technologies, ”said Dr. Nhon Vo, CEO of NanoAL LLC.

“ We are convinced that the aluminum alloys developed by NanoAL will be crucial materials for the next generation to achieve a carbon-free and electrified circular economy. NanoAL and RtMJ will play an important role in creating a cleaner and greener society by combining the advanced technology of NanoAL with the global corporate network of RtMJ, "said Takehito Nagashima, General Manager, New Business Development and DX Office, Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd.

Addalloy is an award-winning aluminum alloy technology designed and developed for additive metal manufacturing using laser powder bed melting. Addalloy currently consists of the compositions 5T, 7S and HX, the performance levels of which are tailored to specific applications and meet the market requirements of the automotive industry, motorsport, aerospace and industry.

  • Addalloy 5T - Provides optimal material performance for structural applications and enables fully functional high-performance parts that are usually superior to alloy parts made with conventional machining technology.
  • Addalloy HX - Exceptional performance for thermal management applications such as heat exchangers / heat sinks in the demanding markets of motorsport, electronics, semiconductors and satellites.
  • Addalloy 7S - Has an incredibly good strength-to-weight ratio, which is particularly popular in motorsport, aerospace and satellite applications, where performance and weight metrics are the most important design factors for material selection .

Addalloy powders work on the major laser-based OEM platforms for metal 3D printing including EOS, SLM Solutions, Renishaw, Concept Laser, etc. With Addalloy, designers and engineers can transform their product concepts and bring new designs to life with an emphasis on small Weight, sustained performance and package size reduction

About NanoAL, LLC

NanoAL, LLC, is a materials research and technology company devoted to the design, development, and commercialization of high quality aluminum alloys based on scientifically engineered nanostructures. NanoAL has developed several innovative products, including the Addalloy® range of aluminum powders tailored for 3D printing, as well as high-strength aluminum alloy rolled sheets designed for weight reduction in automotive, food and beverage applications and exceptional performance and offer economy. NanoAL, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary and research and development unit of Unity Aluminum Inc.

About Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd.

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM Japan Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, is a metal and mineral resource trading company that trades in a wide range of general metal resources and raw materials - including coal and iron ore, aluminum, copper and precious metals Nickel, chromium and rare metals.

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