New grade of steel turning for roughing with high feed

25 October 2023

Recently, Sandvik Coromant has launched steel turning grades GC4425 and GC4415. These new generation grades have been perfected in all aspects and provide an average useful life 25% longer than previous grades.

“With the new introduction of GC4405, Coromant. “We seek to make it as simple as possible to choose and implement the correct grade for a specific application.” The GC4425 grade offers wear resistance, heat resistance and toughness in a wide application area, while the GC4415 grade complements the GC4425 with optimized performance, when more heat resistance is sought. Grade GC4405 should be applied to optimize productivity with high feed and large chip volume under stable conditions when plastic deformation properties are demanding.

Among the features accompanying the new grade is the new carbide substrate with an optimized microstructure, which will reduce plastic deformation in high feed applications. The great increase in its resistance to plastic deformation has led to a huge expansion in the application area, opening the doors to harder steels and providing greater productivity than the existing GC4305 grade.

The new GC4405 grade features the second generation of Inveio coating technology , specifically designed to combat crater wear common in P05 applications. What differentiates the second generation Inveio  from the previous generation is the alumina coating, with crystals aligned with an even more vertical orientation towards the top surface to improve wear resistance, providing more consistent performance and quality .

The new grade provides a significant increase in productivity and service life, especially when machining steels over 300 HB. The grade is also indicated for machining softer steels, in this case without the need for coolant, which is a great opportunity in terms of sustainability.

Extensive testing carried out with the existing GC4305 grade and the next generation of GC4405 steel turning grades reflects an increase in service life of 30% to 130%, mainly due to increased resistance to plastic deformation and to crater wear.

The use of grade GC4405 is recommended for semi-finishing and continuous roughing under stable conditions and long cutting times. In addition, it is indicated for high feed machining with medium machining geometries, in roughing or wiper in steels greater than 300 HB or for high feed and high speed machining in steels with a hardness less than 300 HB.

The grade is indicated for the application area ISO P05 (P01-P10). It has been optimized for P2.5 low-alloy hardened steel, but is also suitable for high productivity applications in P2.1 low-alloy and P1.2 unalloyed steel.

Sandvik Coromant

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