New Shears Improve Wirerod Quality at Liberty Ostrava

8 August 2020

Danieli Service supports steelmakers with small, yet valuable projects

Higher reliability, reduction of maintenance costs and increased productivity are the main benefits highlighted by Liberty Ostrava following the replacement of two crop shears with new Danieli units.

Installed in a two-strand wirerod mill producing 5.5-14 mm-dia wirerod, originally provided by a competitor, the new crop shears efficiently cut head and tail ends of the bar before the final rolling, helping to eliminate defects.

The project was carried out by Danieli Service with close collaboration with Liberty Ostrava’s project team which claimed:

“Everything from preparations of the project to documentation, tenders and implementation and integration in an operating plant was realized within one year, which I consider to be a success,” said Miroslav Rojicek, Head of Rolling Mill Investment projects at Liberty Ostrava.

“The innovation has met our expectations so far and in the future it will also be able to cut wire of higher diameters than we now manufacture. It will increase the rolling speed and thanks to that also the productivity of the rolling mill,” added Jiri Zboril, Head of the Wire Rod Mill in Liberty Ostrava.

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