Nippon Express Global SCM (Shanghai) Completes Construction of Qingpu Phase II Warehouse

25 November 2020

Nippon Express Global SCM (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "NEGSS"), a local subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, has completed construction of its Qingpu Phase II Warehouse, which opened for business on Monday, November 2.

The Qingpu Industrial Park in western Shanghai is a municipal-level development zone hosting an aggregation of electronic, biotech and hi-tech companies that is favorably located about 50 minutes from central Shanghai. The area also sits adjacent to an expressway connecting Shanghai with cities across Jiangsu Province, which is developing as a major production base and so warehouse demand is on the rise.

The new warehouse was situated adjacent to an existing warehouse for the sake of business growth, and NEGSS intends to use it to meet the logistics needs of customers from the automotive, electrical, electronics and other industries, offering such services as domestic sales logistics, manufacturing logistics (just-in-time delivery), and storage/distribution using air-conditioned facilities.

Automated transportation equipment and other cutting-edge technologies will be actively introduced in future as part of the company's labor-saving efforts, and a training center for forklift operators will established to improve safety and operating proficiency, all with the aim of making this a model warehouse in China.

Nippon Express will continue strengthening its logistics support functions in China as it strives to expand its domestic logistics business across the country.

Scope of operations

Warehousing, domestic trucking, air and ocean cargo import/export forwarding, distribution processing

Profile of new business location

Name: Nippon Express Global SCM (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Qingpu Phase II Warehouse

Address: No.168, Xin Ji Road, Qing Pu District, Shanghai 201700 P.R. China

Structure: Steel-framed reinforced concrete three-story building

Site area: 45,000 m2

Warehouse area: 24,000 m2 (this, together with the 15,000 m2 area of the existing warehouse next door, gives the company a total of 39,000 m2 of warehouse area)

Principal equipment: Raised-floor platform, dock levelers, 24-hour security, emergency-use generators