Outokumpu stainless steel innovations granted European patents

24 May 2017

The latest Outokumpu stainless steel innovations, high-chromium ferritic stainless steel grade Core 4622 (EN 1.4622) and high-chromium austenitic stainless steel grade Supra 316plus (EN 1.4420) have been granted European patents in March 2017.

Both products have been developed in Outokumpu’s R&D Center in Tornio, Finland. It has taken only four years from market introduction in 2013 to a patented product. These grades answer to customer demand for products with enhanced properties and stable raw material cost.   

Says Mikko Ylitalo, Chief Technology Officer at Outokumpu: “These grades are suitable for wide range of applications. Ferritic Core 4622 has excellent deep-drawability, and it is very good choice for example for pots and pan makers as it is virtually roping free. Selecting Core 4622 speeds up our customer’s production process as final product requires less polishing. Supra 316plus offers great alternative for customers who are looking for better corrosion resistance and strength than 316L/1.4404. One example of such application is LNG, where Supra 316plus offers great corrosion resistance and superior strength and ductility performance in cryogenic temperatures.”

Outokumpu has a long legacy in innovations. The very first austenitic, duplex and martensitic grades were invented at Outokumpu plants in Germany, Sweden and the UK. Receiving patents for Supra 316plus and Core 4622 demonstrates the continuous innovation legacy of Outokumpu.

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