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Pioneer Human Services Salutes Boeing's Long-standing Commitment To The Community Manufacturing Partnership

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016

Boeing is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this July and the ten members of the Community Manufacturing Partnership (CMP) are heralding the generous and unique contribution Boeing has made to nonprofits in the Puget Sound region. The CMP members manufacture for the aerospace giant and employ individuals who have disadvantages in securing employment, giving them a chance to succeed in life. CMP Members in the region include: Lighthouse for the Blind, PROVAIL, Skills Inc., Work Force Development Center, Firland Foundation & Workshop, Diversified Industrial Services, Chinook Enterprises, Bridgeways Enterprises, Orion Industries and Pioneer Industries.

In the 1950s, Boeing began working with these nonprofits and several others to help create employment opportunities for individuals who experienced a variety of barriers to employment in the community.  The partnership also provided supportive services to help employees with disabilities learn job skills and succeed on the job.

Pioneer Industries' CMP Story
By the mid-1960s, Boeing decided to expand its program. Pioneer Human Services' founder, Jack Dalton, made a pitch for Boeing's business to provide jobs for people transitioning from prison to productive lives. Boeing agreed to the partnership and helped Dalton to start Pioneer Industries in 1966.

Pioneer's employees in the early days were deburring parts, making shims and then moved into cutting cargo liners for Boeing with large shears - the work was basic. However, over 50 years later, Pioneer cuts the cargo liners with high-speed water jets and produces intricate metal, titanium, and metal/vinyl parts for Boeing using state-of-the-art lasers, CNC mills, press brakes and a multitude of other machines.

"Boeing gave Pioneer the opportunity to build a highly skilled workforce that today produces over 1.9 million parts a year for the aerospace and commercial industries. They offered a business relationship that we are forever grateful for as it has allowed us to provide a chance for change to thousands of men and women who struggle with high barriers to getting employed," stated Anthony Wright, COO for Pioneer Human Services.

Boeing has been a steady partner contracting with Pioneer Industries for the parts they need, and creating jobs for the hard-to-employ in the process. In addition, individuals working at Boeing generously donate to the Boeing Employees Community Fund that supports Pioneer and many other nonprofits around the region through its grant program.

About Pioneer
Pioneer Human Services is a social enterprise that provides individuals with criminal histories the opportunity to lead healthy, productive lives. One of the enterprise's, Pioneer Industries, is a sheet metal fabrication manufacturer for a wide range of products in the aerospace and commercial industries. Visit our website for more information and watch the video to learn more about our capabilities.


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