Quality and competitive HDG strip production at Duferco Steel Processing

30 April 2020

Order for newly developed Danieli X-Jet technology and equipment featuring Danieli electromagnetic strip stabilizer

Cold-rolled and galvanized coils producer Duferco Steel Processing (Pty) chose Danieli Kohler zinc-pot wiping technology to upgrade the galvanizing line located in Saldanha, Western Cape province, South Africa.

The selected solution incorporates the Danieli Electromagnetic strip Stabilizer (DES™) and the Automatic Closed Loop Control, which will complement the well-established Danieli Kohler X-Jet system.

The X-Jet with integrated DES™ technology allows low-thickness uniform coatings to be applied at high speeds, resulting in highest levels of competitiveness in terms of finish quality and production costs. Galvanized coatings down to 60 g/m2, total for both sides, will be achievable at 160 m/min line speed.

The consolidated X-Jet base supply includes air-knife rigs with automatic gap-width adjustment, elevator/positioners, non-contact edge baffles, roll equipment and maintenance equipment, together with associated electrical and automation equipment by Danieli Automation.

The selected wiping system will be installed in the line producing galvanized coated strip. The project is to be supplied on a turn-key basis, including dismantling of existing equipment and installation of the new one.

The new air wiping system will start operation by January 2021.

For more info:
Danilo Dreolini
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Source: danieli.com