Reuters Events set the Industry Transition Agenda for 2022

7 June 2022

Today, Reuters Events is proud to announce our partnership with Metal Packer ahead of our upcoming flagship meeting for the hard-to-abate industries - Industry Transition 2022 (September 29-29, San Diego). Leaders across multiple verticals such as mining, metals, materials, transport as well as government officials will share operational, investment and portfolio options they have used to set an actionable climate strategy and ambitious targets.

Notable speakers confirmed so far include S-Suites from Rio Tinto, Chevron, Schnitzer Steel, Baker Hughes, Kabanga Nickle, Sempra and others.

Further information is freely available for download, with exclusive agenda updates, speaker reveals and discounts here -

The timing of Reuters Events’: Industry Transitionon September 28 and 29 2022 is important since COP26 brought to light the realities of climate change. Heavy industry accounts for 30% of global CO2 emissions,so their decarbonization is a huge step in the right direction for becoming a carbon neutral world. The hard to abate sectors need to sharply reduce emissions in order to stay profitable, secure investment and achieve net zero targets.

Don’t get left behind.  What with it being estimated that half the world’s fossil fuel assets could become worthless by 2036, re strategizing how heavy industry is fueled is hot on industry executive’s agendas. Get ahead of competitors by driving innovation to discover what will fuel net zero industry. There is now more pressure than ever to make your business sustainable, Reuters Events: Industry Transition 2022 will provide your business with unique expert insight and tools to relieve this pressure and get ahead of competitors.

An idea of what you’ll gain from the summit:

  • Regulatory Update: We are now experiencing the largest change in corporate reporting since the 1940s. Hear from ESG experts and government policy makers to learn how to make these updates can work for you in order to increase investment and position your business as green in order to secure market share.
  • Global Operator Case Studies: CSO of Schnitzer Steel, CEO of Electric Aviation Group and Head of Government Affairs and Sustainability at Audi are sharing key operational experience and demonstrating their methods for achieving net zero at pace.
  • Brand-new technology showcase: Exclusive showcase displaying the latest innovations to drive efficiency and decarbonize industry including, hydrogen fuel cells, CCUS, solar power storage, ultra-efficient EVs and more!
  • Strategy Success: Keynote session about how to curate a Roadmap to Net Zero that is achievable, case study milestones and crucial data to share how to deliver carbon neutral industry.
  • Jet Zero and Green Ships: Innovation will unlock the world of sustainable fuels, be at the forefront of aviation and maritime technology to push forward low carbon travel and achieve net zero supply chains.

Besides our keynote and plenary sessions, the two days of Industry Transition will delve deep into five key pillars; The Roadmap to Net Zero, Climate Technology, The Circular Economy, Decarbonizing Supply Chains and Standards, Reporting and ESG.Through which we will explore the infrastructure and climate technology developments needed to deliver this ambition, the standards, reporting and ESG difficulties we need to overcome and deep dive into Heavy Industry 4.0.

The Organization offers additional reasons to attend:

  • Leading decision makers: Meet crucial heavy industry players and investors including notable executives from companies such asElectric Aviation Group, Kabanga Nickel, Schnitzer Steel, Audi, Conductive Energy Inc and Boston Consulting Groupto deliver net zero industry and secure significant and lasting investment for your business.
  • Executive Level Attendees including CEOs, CTOs, CSOs, VP Sustainability, VP Government Affairs, VP Decarbonization, and Key Policymakers and Government Leaders for the Industry Transition and more!
  • All the key suppliers and tech giants under one roof: network with teams of delegates from GE Digital to create business partnerships and invest in the latest innovations
  • 300+ Leading Policy and Decision Makers: Industry Transition 2022 currently has amazing attendance from huge companies in the mining, metals, chemicals, transport, and other heavy industries so don’t miss out on business-critical networking opportunities.

Further informationis freely available for download, with exclusive agenda updates, speaker reveals and discounts here >

Reuters Events: Industry Transition will take place on the 28th and 29th of September 2022 at the Hilton Hotel, Mission Valley, San Diego, California, United States. For more information, visit or write to [email protected]