Sanco Pipelines-Gee Heavy Machinery Collaboration Boosts Productivity with Hybrid Excavators

2 April 2024

Sanco Pipelines Inc., a renowned underground pipeline installation company serving Northern California, has taken a significant leap towards enhancing productivity with the procurement of two state-of-the-art HB365LC-3 hybrid excavators from the newly appointed Komatsu distributor, Gee Heavy Machinery.

Established over 68 years ago, Sanco Pipelines Inc. has been a cornerstone in Northern California's infrastructure development. Current owner Braden Schrader, carrying forward the legacy of his predecessors, remains committed to delivering top-notch quality and timely completion of projects.

"We attribute our growth to the core principles instilled by my grandparents and father: delivering excellence, on time, every time," stated Schrader. "This ethos has earned us enduring partnerships and trust among developers, enabling us to sustain our focus on our core competency — underground pipeline installations for storm, water, and sewer systems."

The acquisition of the HB365LC-3 hybrid excavators marks a strategic move by Sanco Pipelines Inc. towards optimizing operational efficiency. Schrader's decision was reinforced by the machines' performance during a demonstration at Komatsu's Quarry Days in Arizona, where operators were impressed by the equipment's speed and minimal noise levels.

Patrick Cofield, Gee Product Support Sales Manager, emphasized the impact of these excavators on Sanco Pipelines' operations, stating, "The HB365LC-3 hybrids not only bolster production but also align with California's stringent emission regulations. We are proud to support Sanco Pipelines in this transition towards greener and more efficient equipment."

Powered by Komatsu's innovative hybrid technology, the HB365LC-3 excavator offers comparable or superior performance to traditional models while achieving up to 20% fuel savings, depending on the application. Taimoor Khan, Komatsu's Business Development Manager for Carbon Neutral Products, highlighted the machine's advanced features designed to enhance productivity while reducing environmental impact.

Gee Heavy Machinery, the new Northern California Komatsu distributor since December 1, 2023, expressed enthusiasm about the market's response to the hybrid excavators. Joel Larson, Chief Operating Officer, and Dave Damboise, Vice President of Sales and Rental, underscored the machines' compatibility with California's emission reduction initiatives, emphasizing Komatsu's reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Patrick Cofield reiterated Gee Heavy Machinery's commitment to providing exceptional service and support to customers like Sanco Pipelines, ensuring seamless integration and maximum operational uptime.

The introduction of the HB365LC-3 hybrid excavators signifies a milestone in Sanco Pipelines' journey towards sustainable and high-performance infrastructure development, setting a benchmark for industry peers.

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