Sandvik Invests In Bolstering Local Technical Expertise In Southeast Asia’s Downstream Industries

16 December 2016

Sandvik, world-leading developer and producer of advanced stainless steels, special alloys, titanium and other high-performance materials, announced the introduction of a new program to train and certify fabricators and welders in Singapore and the rest of the region at the Sandvik Technical Symposium 2016. The symposium, held on 16 December in Singapore, was aimed at further bolstering the various downstream industries, such as oil refining, fertilizers and petrochemicals in the region through education and training provided by various eminent industry experts. Notably, Sandvik also held a technical symposium in Jakarta, Indonesia on 14 December, highlighting the company’s commitment to the region.

The training and certification program was launched as new metallurgies and pipes are constantly evolving, consequently the technical requirements to successfully fabricate and install these materials are also increasing. This is especially important for Singapore and the region’s downstream sector that relies heavily on new equipment solutions to maximize their competitiveness, but may not have access to the skills required to install these solutions.

The new program introduced by Sandvik will help ensure local talent is trained to an international standard that will provide a boost to local industries in Southeast Asia as well as enable them to expand their offerings.

“The downstream sector in Southeast Asia is one with great potential and we are seeing countries across the region taking steps to facilitate the industry’s growth. As a leading materials technology provider, we are excited to have the opportunity to partner with industry players in the region and to help advance local talents and capabilities in the sector,” said Magnus Brodin, Regional Sales Director for Sandvik in Asia Pacific, Tube Core & Standard Products.

The technical symposium comprised a series of presentations, roundtable discussions and one-on-one sessions with Sandvik’s global technical experts. Attendees learned and explored key topics such as the various types of Corrosion-Resistant Alloys (CRA), welding techniques, and metallurgy. Conversations were also raised around the future of Indonesia’s technology sphere as the region’s downstream sector continues to face ever more challenging operational requirements as output is ramped up.

Over 30 attendees from top local companies engaged in discussions and presentations around the use of materials technology in local downstream industries. One of the key focus areas was how to enhance the performance of downstream industries, including the refinery of oil and gas, petrochemicals, fertilizers and more. Local participants were also issued certificates to reflect the new knowledge and skills imparted during the symposium.

Southeast Asia remains a key market for Sandvik, being the fastest growing market with the most potential in the coming years. Southeast Asia also presents many opportunities for growth in terms of technical capabilities. Hence, amplifying the importance of cultivating local talent and enhancing technical knowledge and expertise to augment plant operations.

Eduardo Perea, Regional Sales & Technical Marketing Manager in Southeast Asia, Tube Core & Standard Products, said, "The Sandvik Technical Symposium was a great platform to understand the challenges faced by industry professionals and share insights into today’s rapidly changing business landscape. Despite the current uncertain economic climate, Southeast Asia presents numerous untapped opportunities for growth, which can be realized through enhancing local technical capabilities to facilitate development of more efficient infrastructure and equipment.”

Through the Sandvik Technical Symposiums held in Singapore and Indonesia, customers also gained access to a wide range of innovative technical solutions such as corrosion-resistant products, including heat exchangers, composite tubes and hollow bars. Driven by the challenges that customers face, products and solutions were developed through rigorous R&D efforts, resulting in higher productivity, efficiency and safety in order to meet strict industry standards.

The Sandvik Technical Symposiums are well in line with the company’s commitment to the Asian region, which accounted for total invoiced sales of MSEK17,975 and 20 per cent market share in 2015. Established more than 150 years ago, the Swedish leading developer and manufacturer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys divested its operations beyond Europe and North America including the launch of distribution centers in Singapore, and R&D centers in key markets India and China as part of the company’s growth strategy to support its success in these regions.

Increasing demand for safe quality materials such as CRA has seen Sandvik expand their team across the key Asian markets. With the rapid growth of challenges in downstream industries, Sandvik does not only provide new technology and intelligent solutions but more importantly, service support for customers.

Eduardo added, “With our expertise, coupled with customer service and local support, we can help companies reap the benefits of selecting high quality materials for their equipment and process plants. We are confident that with our local distribution and R&D centers, we can provide innovative solutions that increase reliability, efficiency as well as lower costs for businesses.”

Sandvik’s advanced materials maximize production with quicker, safer and more efficient processes in the world’s most demanding environments. Sandvik continues to set new industry standards with its next generation high performance materials to meet the operational demands in today’s downstream refineries and plants.

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