Sinto America Expands into North American Blasting Media Market

10 July 2019

In February of 2019, Sinto America acquired FROHN North America, Inc. as part of their surface treatment division. FROHN is a service orientated manufacturer of blasting media, steel shot and shot peening accessories with decades of success in the world market. Learn more:

For many decades, blasting media production has been one of the core competences at FROHN, who can also offer a large number of custom high performance specialty shot blasting media for diverse specialized applications:

  • Conditioned steel cut wire for shot peening
  • Steel cut wire for blast cleaning
  • Stainless steel cut wire
  • Spheridural
  • Sphero-Zinc
  • Plastic blasting media
  • Spherinox
  • Spherinox-CR
  • Gritinox
  • Zinc Alloy Cut Wire

Frohn's marked awareness for the environment is reflected in all production processes. "These consumables include a wide variety of shapes, hardness, durability and sizes to enhance any application or surface. Our safety shot and cut wire minimize the propensity for potential fire or explosions and maintain a safe environment for your employees." –Jed Palmer, Operations Manager.

Let FROHN and Sinto analyze your process and recommend a media, abrasive or shot product for your most difficult applications. Sinto has long been recognized as the leader in the design and manufacture for all surface treatment, metal finishing and shot blasting applications. Learn more at

ABOUT Frohn North America, Inc.

Frohn North America, Inc. is a part of Sinto America, Inc., the North American group holding company of Sintokogio, Ltd., Japan. The Sinto group of companies has an international reputation for excellence in the foundry, manufacturing and surface treatment industry.

FROHN has evolved into a global Group, with twenty-one branches that support the sales activities worldwide. The FROHN Group has decades of success in the world market. Besides Frohn's products, Frohn also offers a service and support program. Frohn is well positioned to provide the optimum solution to your finishing challenges, offering a complete and comprehensive line of abrasives and media to fit any application.

Sinto America focuses on six primary markets- Foundry, Sand Processing, Bulk Material Handling, Automation, Surface Technologies and Surface Treatment. Sinto also provides contract blasting and precision shot peening services through our National Peening and Technical Metal Finishing divisions.