SmartestEnergy Australia Receives Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification

11 July 2023

SmartestEnergy Australia Pty Ltd proudly announces its certification as carbon neutral for its Australian business operations by Climate Active. The certification, awarded by the Australian Government, recognises SmartestEnergy Australia's commitment to voluntary climate action and its contribution towards a low-carbon future.

Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and businesses aiming to drive voluntary climate action. Its rigorous and credible carbon neutral certification is a testament to SmartestEnergy Australia's dedication to reducing its carbon emissions and investing in projects that offset the remaining emissions, ultimately achieving carbon neutrality.

Robert Owens, CEO of SmartestEnergy Australia, emphasizes the importance of carbon neutral certification, stating, "As a renewable energy retailer, becoming carbon neutral not only aligns with our vision to empower switched-on customers, generators and partners in Australia to get to net zero but also makes strong business sense. We have diligently reduced our carbon emissions and will continue to invest in projects that contribute to emission reduction or removal. As a result, our emissions are now neutral.”

By attaining carbon neutral certification, SmartestEnergy Australia exemplifies its commitment to sustainable business practices and underscores its role in leading the transition towards a greener and more sustainable future. As a member of the Climate Active Network, SmartestEnergy Australia joins a group of progressive organisations that share a common goal of combating climate change.

About Climate Active

Climate Active is Australia's premier initiative for climate action, bringing together the Australian Government and businesses to drive positive environmental impact. The certification awarded by Climate Active is a rigorous, government-backed program, enabling consumers, businesses and stakeholders to identify and support brands that make a tangible difference in addressing climate change.

What Does Carbon Neutral Mean?

Being carbon neutral entails taking comprehensive measures to reduce and offset an organisation's carbon emissions. SmartestEnergy Australia has meticulously documented and reported all greenhouse gas emitting activities (Scope 1, 2, and 3) throughout the year. Additionally, the company has invested in projects that effectively reduce or remove equivalent emissions, resulting in a net zero carbon footprint.

Joy Daly, Office Manager of SmartestEnergy Australia, reflects on the efforts undertaken to achieve carbon neutrality, stating, "Putting together all the necessary paperwork for procurement was a big job, but it was definitely worth it. Now, we're officially a certified carbon neutral organisation, thanks to the unique Climate Active program backed by the government. We're not just sitting around. We're determined to make a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions. By teaming up with other Climate Active organisations, businesses can really make a difference.”

Proactive and Long-Term Emission Reduction Strategies

SmartestEnergy Australia remains steadfast in its commitment to proactively reducing emissions and fostering a renewable future. The company has established the following strategies to achieve its ambitious emission reduction goals:

  1. Emissions Reduction Strategy: SmartestEnergy Australia is dedicated to reducing emissions across its Australian operations by at least 30% below the base year 2021/22 levels by 2030. This equates to a reduction of over 200 tCO2-e from the initial emissions of 691 tCO2-e.
  2. Partnerships: Whenever feasible, SmartestEnergy Australia selects partner organisations that are certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active or their UK equivalent, such as The Carbon Trust.
  3. Travel: The company supports remote work and encourages employees to work from their home state whenever possible. For essential flights, SmartestEnergy Australia encourages staff to opt for carbon offset options.
  4. Office: The Sydney office of SmartestEnergy Australia is powered by 100% GreenPower, reinforcing the company's commitment to sustainable energy sources.

Through these measures, SmartestEnergy Australia is proactively shaping employee behaviors, optimising procurement processes, and minimising the carbon impact of its operations, thus promoting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious business environment. The company will remain proactive throughout the year, with regular reviews of activities under SmartestEnergy’s direct control that could be altered or eliminated to reduce emissions.

SmartestEnergy Australia's carbon neutral certification underscores its position as an independent renewable energy retailer and its dedication to achieving a sustainable and low carbon future. By setting an example through voluntary climate action, SmartestEnergy Australia encourages other businesses to prioritise environmental thought leadership, empowering businesses to build a more sustainable, greener future.

About SmartestEnergy:

SmartestEnergy is a people-powered renewable energy company built on a team of NEM energy experts and strong relationships with our customers and partners. We opened our Sydney office in 2020, following two decades of growth and customer focus in the UK. We’re asset-light and operating without bias in the Australian market, which means we can offer reliable, innovative retail solutions for clean energy that suit different needs and stages of the sustainability journey. With the grid mix changing, balancing supply and demand has never been more important. Today, we’re driving the worldwide transition to net zero with offices spanning Australia, US and UK. We’re proud to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni, a Japanese corporation currently listed as a Fortune Global 500 company.

As a certified carbon neutral organisation by Climate Active, SmartestEnergy Australia leads by example and has made choices and changes in the way we do business to ensure our greenhouse gas emissions are carbon neutral.

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