Start of Supply of the World’s Largest Rolled H-shapes MEGA NSHYPER BEAM™, Contributing Greater Efficiency to Large Structures and Social Infrastructure

5 March 2020

Nippon Steel Corporation has established a rolling process to manufacture steel beams with depth of up to 1,200mm, which is about 20% greater than its existing large-sized beams, and, by expanding the range of structural H-shapes NSHYPER BEAM TM products, in particular by increasing the super large sizes available to customers, will start selling the beams, using the new brand MEGA NSHYPER BEAM™, in April 2020.

In October 1961, the Sakai mill of Nippon Steel’s Wakayama Works began operation as Japan’s first large shaped mill that used a universal mill. Since then, the mill has launched Jumbo heavy H-shapes and hat-type steel sheet piles, which were among the world’s largest. Particularly noteworthy was NSHYPER BEAM™, for which the Sakai mill adopted an innovative manufacturing process its manufacturing and sales began in 1989. The mill developed a simplified design and labor-saving processing to make NSHYPER BEAM™ products having greater uniform width and depth and has since earned trust of customers by expanding various size types and other variations, by manufacturing products with excellent precision in size and shapes, and by making on-time deliveries.

This time, by launching the MEGA NSHYPER BEAM TM, Nippon Steel is confident to maximally satisfy customers’ needs for larger cross-section steel beams, especially needed for larger buildings, and for shorter construction periods; the latter valuable as a means of coping with an intensified labor shortage in some areas. In addition, Nippon Steel intends to apply for the Eco Leaf Environmental Product Declaration label, certified by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO).

Nippon Steel works with, develops, and applies world-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities, and contributes to society through activities that match with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as the Goal 11, “Make cities and human settlements”.